Sunday, March 04, 2012

Yes..I am here!

My goodness it has been too long.

Time to dust off the blog and polish it up again and make a return to writing.

I thank those that have written me asking me to stop neglecting the blog.

I returned to radio unexpectedly last June & have two busy teenagers to tend to as

well as social media for my new radio job & regular usual busyness of life.

But none of it is enough to walk away from the years of love & affection I have put

in to this blog.

It's more about the cathartic enjoyment that I miss. It's the stronger nudges to be

more "out" with regard to my spiritual work....or I should say, taking ownership of

that aspect of my life.

And so I will begin tweeting & writing again.

Hard to know where to begin.

I feel like I've been standing on my head and back up again.

Even just in the last 3 months since I've written when I said to stand up against

the new Defense bill provisions, which passed easily in the House and the Senate


Is easy to just curl up in to a ball and feel defeated.

But alas, the Emergence is still very much underway.

Just a prolonged period of Illumination first.

And so I promise....I'm back.

Dusting and polishing now.

I'll shoot for regular tweeting @greatemergence....and weekly writing.

Love, Jill

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