Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's all part of the greater purpose of where we're going.

I've developed a persistent case of pink eye. Medication for it was $185. Our insurance no longer covers prescriptions. Really? This teeny wheeny bottle of medicine costs me $185? I asked them to call Optometrist for a generic prescription. That cost $24 and worked just fine. My Mom got an inhaler for her persistent bronchitis this week as well. That was $108 after her medicaid coverage. So many complaining about a small tax that a mere 1% will even have to pay for the Affordable Care Act? What is wrong with everybody?

Seriously. Why are we fighting progress for the better good with such vigor?

I have to believe it's all part of the greater purpose of where we're going. Which is toward organic foods and natural tried and true remedies my grandparents used for a small fraction of the cost of harmful prescription drugs. Sure, there's a place for antibiotics. But now we need probiotics to combat all the antibiotics! And 95% of the rest of prescriptions cause more side effects and harm than what they are being prescribed to treat. Not to mention the financial hardship. Our daughter developed a pesky cyst on her upper eyelid. For months it wouldn't go away and became awkward and sightly at an age where that is so devastating amongst nosey peers fascinated with her new imperfections. We took her in to the Dr. several times with little answers then to the Opthamologist who suggested two options. incision to drain the cyst. In patient same day surgery where they localize the eye with a needle. She's afraid of not much in this world but needles is one of them. The other was to put her under anesthesia and do same day surgery on it with pamphlet of risks for anesthesia at her age. She cried but wanted it done and opted for the local. She passed out from the clamp openings of her eye and the needle coming at it. It was very expensive procedure but was fortunately covered by insurance and it did absolutely nothing to eliminate the cyst. We returned to the eye Dr. and she said next step would be medicine shot into her eye that had a slight risk of blindness! Um, no! Easy decision! A holistic friend I respect said to warm up castor oil and dab on it few times a day. "It will take a while but it will work." And it did. Talking with my Mom she said they always had a bottle of castor oil on hand. Bottle cost me $12 and I still have it 9 months later. So perhaps this is why it has to get worse before it gets better. And people aren't quite fed up enough. And why our nation is divided along party lines and many seem to not like the fact that Insurance companies can no longer put a lifetime cap on our coverage, or jack premiums without our knowledge, or deny coverage for pre-existing illness. They want it the way it was thank you very much?

Stopping by the local organic store today for only the third time I was happy to see they had expanded. "We have growing pains again" The owner said to me "Which is a good thing...we can't keep up with demand and are quite busy" Seems a good amount of folks like myself who didn't grow up around anything but processed foods and learning little by little about organic products. Yes, it's a bit more expensive but I'm starting small with a bottle of coconut water. Organic snacks for my kids and organic fruit. All of which add up to less than a dinner out for us 4.

And so I encourage you to tune out all the noise about the Affordable Care Act and just celebrate with me the fact that it passed. For seemingly no apparent reason in the 5-4 decision, conservative judge Roberts decided to stand with the other side. Here's to more unexpected surprises as the Emergence unfolds and we break on through to the other side.

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