Saturday, December 22, 2012

We're all still here!

Well we are all still here!

Was there ever any doubt? If there was... take a good, hard look at that fear or doubt and RELEASE IT now and forever more. It isn't the Emergence to nowhere or the Emergence to the great big Poof! It's the Emergence to the New Earth. More on that later. Much more.

Much as I'd love to have been sharing the musings of the Emergence here with you all more often my routine and the recipe of my daily life often has kept me from it. For so long now my beloved mother needs me more than I ever imagined she would. She has been ill mentally & physically and really just a shell of who she was for all of the three years my father has been on the other side. We sure miss him! And in so many ways, miss her as well. But it's always darkest before the dawn and I'm filled with a new sense of hope that there is some resolve very near for her one way or another. Mix in two busy and brilliant teenagers who continue to shine & amaze me beyond words as well as keep me on my toes! Our son Adam, 14 soon to be 15 is always consistent in his contentment with life and his compassion toward me and others...even his big sister. He enjoys writing more and more exploring new games on his PS3 and XBOX 360 one of which let's him "build things" and is revealing a knack for architecture and design. He has bravely made new friendships that are more suited to him and his immense creativity and intellect is always present. He is as my spiritual mentors call him "Master Adam" in every aspect of his life. Empathic like me, he is learning the way in the world with the mastery of someone two and three times his age. Our daughter Hannah, 16 continues to compose and now perform original music draped in a blanket of humility and grace. She recently did a show at a coffee house with very little time to prepare due to her role in the school musical and performed 5 original songs in breathtaking fashion. I was of course nervous for her but from moment she sat at the keyboard and smiled with ease and then revealed the new arrangements to the delight of the packed, cozy crowd...I was speechless and tears trickled down my face. The songs are so catchy I'll find myself humming them in my head and then go "wait...that's my girl's song!" So wild. She is the master manifester in our house and is driven toward that which she wants more than anyone I have known young or old. Her spiritual gifts continue to be both challenging and a remarkable part of who she is yet understandably closely guarded. She is also enjoying her first year singing soprano/alto in her school's select ensemble. She delights in the very challenging material singing in English, German, Hebrew and Italian! After a very busy Christmas season of concerts and caroling she will now be preparing for regional and state competitions. This is her first year of being partially home schooled and it has brought immense calm and order to our house. Last but certainly not least, is my husband of 21 years, Paul. He is the seed of all that is perfection in my life. All the roots of gratitude intertwine back to him. His new job is in the linear world of heating/cooling but with a great group of people. Small and locally owned it is just what we needed and just in time as always. Together we are facing a tumultuous and daunting amount of financial paperwork to hopefully once again and once and for all put the past behind us toward a fresh start. Friends feel heartbroken for us for having to go through this again, but I say cheer up Charlie! It feels wonderful to have a clear path out of the swampy, murky woods. We face it as we always do, with a sense of humor and resolve to get where we are going. He continues to do long distance work as a reiki master and occasionally in person work as well. He too feels a longing to do more of that work but all in Divine timing

I continue to do voice work and radio work in the linear world as well from 9 to 4 despite it being the quietest it has been in 9 years. Perhaps you are feeling this as well. As if you have one foot in the past, but something greater awaits you still. That really is the times we are in. My heart still pulls me to do more spiritual work in form of readings & writing but I no longer worry about driving the boat to one direction or another. The tide will take me where I need to go when I need and how I need to.

I can at least answer the call to write more often. I've dusted off and came across too many requesting that not to! And so that is my Christmas & New Years gift and intent to you all. I promise.
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May your days be merry and bright. May all your troubles fade into light. May you remember that you are loved. We are all cut from the same cloth. We are all the radiance of the same Star. We are the ones we've been waiting for. Be present. Stand stall. Fear not. Let's go hand in hand across the bridge over to the New Earth and all we are capable of.

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