Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blessed be the Peacemakers

Happy Easter!

Celebrating the resurrection of the one they call Jesus, Christos and Pale One (Native Americans), Saviour Jeshua -the most enlightened mortal to ever walk this earth.

This is the perfect time to tell you a bit about myself and the wise ones I love and to explore some new perspectives about Jesus.

I myself am a Christian. I prefer that to Catholic however I am still an active, practicing Catholic and my children attend Catholic school. Their spirituality astounds me. They are much more spiritual then I was at their age. They too are much more spiritual than religious. They often ask me "Why are there so many different churches praying to the same God?" That question came when my daughter was just 6.

I was born and raised a Catholic with devout Catholic maternal grandparents. I had a great uncle that was a priest, a few great aunts that were nuns, and an aunt that is a Benedictan nun. I am fortunate to have mostly fond memories of growing up Catholic. Going to church every Sunday is just something we did. Not necessarily something we HAD to do. There are MANY good things about these traditions and with the Church. There are also things that are obviously broken. But I’m of the belief that we must not run from the Church. We must hold the Light and speak up for change whenever possible. Change must come from the inside out not the other way around.

It wasn’t until I was out on my own, and in my early 20's that I discovered a deeper spirituality outside of the Church and a thirst to know more.

I interviewed very talented mediums on the radio, some of whom that have become my friends.

A clairvoyant Jewish woman in New York who has an open ear to all those in the after life... from Saints to Siouxs and who consults over 10,000 clients worldwide. She is now one of my closest friends despite our age difference and distance. She keeps me on the right path even as I seek to know more. As I've found, seeking can be treacherous territory! My first reading with her blew me so far out of the water that I didn’t "land" for another week just processing it all. I went from looking at one tree to looking upon an entire forest from afar! I had awakened. First, it was very scary. Then it was exhilerating.

I also met a woman who saw angels as a young child and now hears angels in Mankato, Minnesota. She came to speak at the Universalist church. I will never forget seeing her channel the message she did in that church as a single tear rolled down my cheek. I immediately felt profoundly connected to her. She herself is a former Catholic who could see and hear angels as a child. She introduced me to Kabbala and it’s wisdom and she is always there to offer a guiding hand as another wise spiritual mentor. The spiritual name they gave her is "Hope" which stands for "Help Open Planetary Eyes. " Around the same time, a Fargo woman taught my husband and I the power of reiki. My husband has since become a very powerful reiki healer. I myself just use it on the children. It has opened my eyes to the power within each of us just as Jesus told us. And then through her, another energy healer here who has led us through many powerful meditations and balanced out my energy and repatternings, healing deep into tissues of my being!

And finally, a soft spoken gentlemen from Oregon now living in Scotland who is also a reiki healer and channels messages from Jesus, St. Germaine and Archangel Ariel just to name a few. He brings forth the beautiful messages and teachings to assist us in co-creating heaven on Earth on the other side of the chasm! From the very first time I spoke with him it felt like I had found a long lost friend.

It has been a beautiful journey exploring and learning through my 30's. I hope to have these wise friends contribute to my blog from time to time to share their insight with you.

Which brings me to today, Easter Sunday, 2005.

When I look at Christ on the cross now I wonder how much of his message has morphed into something he had not intended in Christian religion doctrine worldwide. I often take the message out of the religion to dissect solely his words and his words alone. So beautiful and so simple. Love one another. God is within us all. I marvel at the Native American legend of the "Christos" or "the Pale One" passed down for generations. It tells of the Pale one who taught Natives how to use the Buffalo for all of their needs. How to fish and use the Earth for all of their necessities. When the Europoeans began teaching THEIR Christianity to the the Indians, and they saw his picture, they said, "We already know of him-the Pale one."

I recall the newly uncovered gnostic texts which bring new teachings and more of his earlier teachings to light. There is so much we already know of him. So I thought I'd share some new insights. Recently, in reading up on Theosophy, I read this---

The motive of Jesus was evidently like that of Gautama-Buddha, to benefit humanity at large by producing a religious reform which should give it a religion of pure ethics . . . In his immense and unselfish love for humanity, he considers it unjust to deprive the many of the results of the knowledge acquired by the few. This result he accordingly preaches -- the unity of a spiritual God, whose temple is within each of us, and in whom we live as He lives in us -- in spirit.

Very Revolutionary in the times he lived in!

Theosophy says Jesus was chrestos (good and holy), and became christos ('anointed', i.e. glorified) only when the celestial power began to work through him. Many American Indians refer to him by this name "the Christos"

Even Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophy and the Pioneer of New Age movement who unfortunately disputes the miracles Jesus performed and disputes many of the 4 main gospels historical record of Jesus cannot dismiss his spiritual power:

Blavatsky relates that she was once in a large cave-temple in the Himalayas with her Tibetan teacher, Morya. There were many statues of adepts and, pointing to one of them, her teacher said: 'This is he whom you call Jesus. We count him to be one of the greatest among us' The importance of Jesus is highlighted in the following passage:

as one of the greatest reformers, an inveterate enemy of every theological dogmatism, a persecutor of bigotry, a teacher of one of the most sublime codes of ethics, Jesus is one of the grandest and most clearly-defined figures on the panorama of human history. His age may, with every day, be receding farther and farther back into the gloomy and hazy mists of the past; and his theology -- based on human fancy and supported by untenable dogmas may, nay, must with every day lose more of its unmerited prestige; alone the grand figure of the philosopher and moral reformer instead of growing paler will become with every century more pronounced and more clearly defined. It will reign supreme and universal only on that day when the whole of humanity recognizes but one father -- the UNKNOWN ONE above -- and one brother -- the whole of mankind below.

The New Testament does not indicate how old Jesus was when he died, though he is said to have begun his ministry at the age of 30. Some of the early Christians gave the time of his ministry as one year. The accepted opinion among Christians today is that his mission lasted 3 years, and that he was crucified in his 33rd year.
In the controversial but very powerful book "The Magdalen Manuscripts" through a series of powerful messages to author/spiritualist Tom Kenyon- Mary relayed these profound words about Jesus's mission and resurrection:

There are many who misunderstand what he did and why he did it. There are those who believe that all they need to do is believe in Him and no effort on their part is required. This was never Yeshua’s (Hebrew for Jesus) belief or understanding. He came as a shower of light, a beacon of love at a time when the world was still in the shadow of a jealous god. Yeshua, a master soul, demonstrated immense courage and strength, to teach love at such a time.

I will forever remember the first time Yeshua came to me after his resurrection. It was a new moon and the sky was clear. A light fog hung over the heather and everything was silver from the light of the moon and stars. I saw a figure approaching me on the windy trail that led to my cottage. He looked the same, yet with a radiance-unmistakeable! My eyes filled with tears; my heart trembled. "Do not touch me yet- for I have not ascended to the Father" he had said. What did he mean by these words? For the Christians have inherited only part of the truth.

When Yeshua came to me after his resurrection he was in his Ka (energy body) and not yet stabilized for he had not gone to the Father- meaning into the Great Spirit of his own soul. So before he could do this, he had to pass through the portal of death and travel through the underworld of his own being. He did this to cut a passage through death itself, so that others could follow and pass through the dark world more easily by following the trail of his light. During one of his many visits I asked him to explain this rather strange concept. He drew a circle onto the dirt floor of my cottage and then what I recognized as the two triangles intersecting, to make the Seal of Solomon, becoming the Star of David. He said there are many lands that we, in this part of the world, did not have knowledge of. Many of these lands had points corresponding to the points of the Seal of Solomon. By going to these areas, he was ensuring that his work would take a deeper rooting into the soil of this world..

(During crucifixion) In the greatest moment of my torment. Mary reached out and touched my hand. I had been alone in my grief and had not noticed hers. Our eyes met, filled with tears, and we sobbed in each other’s arms. She for her son, and I for my beloved.
The Gospels report that an earthquake struck right after Yeshua’s passing. And I say to you that this is true. I was if all of the nature went into trevail, and the earth shook with anger and rage, that such a Master, such a being, could suffer at the hands of his fellow men.
But such is the paradox of life on earth.
A great storm came across the city as well-winds like I had not seen. The sky filled with dark clouds and bolts of lightning- the sound of thunder shaking everything. This horrific display lasted it seemed, forever, but I suspect it was only for an hour or so.

At the tomb, Mary and I washed his body in accordance with Jewish ritual and tradition, wrapped him and left the tomb. We did this in silence. The only sound the sound of our muffled tears.

I thought it odd that he had been able to raise Lazurus from the dead, but he had not been able to help himself.

I did not understand what he was doing. But after his resurrection, and I saw him, radiant and beautiful as ever. I understood. From the Initiatory standpoint what he did was traditionally done for one’s self only.

But Yeshua had done it on behalf of all mankind.

This is his legacy.

So much that is known and unknown. And I will always seek to know more about the Saviour, and unravel the truth. When I read about him the truth resonates in my heart. Today I celebrate Yeshua’s legacy that has endured for more than 2,000 years. And I pray that humanity will begin to LIVE his message not just listen to it. Become active participants in Christianity and in his simple message of Love one another.

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

Judge noone and you shall not be judged.

Do onto others as you do onto me.

For if all of mankind were to do that- surely we would have Peace on Earth.

Jesus said: Blessed be the Peacemakers. Because they shall become sons of God.

Blessed Be indeed.