Friday, March 25, 2005


Nice to just be in my little cocoon of me again and not be on the radio and just doing my voice work which gives me the beautiful luxury of light hours and occassional weekdays off.

Many people ask me if I miss it. After all, I was on regular show for better part of 21 years.

But in the last 2 or more years I've come to the continuing conclusion that the answer is No.

And I still don't even understand the question.

Miss being full time in the most volatile unsecure business I can think of as opposed to self employed working as much as I want to? Are ya nuts?

Maybe it's because radio is perceived to be "glamourous" or in the limelight. Well to me, it's not.

Maybe I'd miss it SOME if I didn't fill in so often. Maybe I'd miss it None. One of the two.

I do very much enjoy filling in. Reminds me that it will always be like riding a bike no matter how long you're away! :-)

Now that I'm self employed, I don't have to miss seeing my children's cherub faces when they first wake up. Like I did for most of my now almost 9 year old daughter's life. I don't miss have to miss out on taking my kids to school or picking them up. Maybe you Mom's are saying- "HUH? You LIKE that?" But I actually didn't have the opportunity before and yes, I do like that. Even on the bad days!

Now that I am not on morning show I relish the chaos that is a 7 am alarm instead of 3 or 4 and a rush of "Eat your cereal, where's your socks, don't forget your library books!" Along with the smattering of kisses and goodbyes as I walk them in their room, chat with their teachers and pass of their lunch bag to them. I relish them running up to my "Mom-van" with smiles on their faces and a burst of what happened that day crammed into 1 minute, trying to listen simulatenously and attentively to them both before I'm forced to say "One at a time!"

Today, I'm in my peaceful cocoon away from all the awful news of the week. Red Lake. Terri's fate. War on terror. Is there ever Good news on the news? I enjoyed a day off Thursday and swept out garage and backyard odds and ends. Making room for Spring to arrive.

I came across Rosie O' Donnells blog yesterday. Remarkable to think about how far she went from limelight to disdain in such a short time. Media can be so carnivorous.

Speaking of the media, I heard a disturbing story about increase of the Governments "pre-packaged" news. Whoa. That gives me the heebie jeebies. I'll see if I can dig in to it for the Blog.

Well, going to boil the eggs for when we decorate Easter eggs and must get another walk in today. Beautiful weather here! Spring has Sprung! 47 today. 57 tomorrow. Wahooo!!!