Sunday, March 20, 2005

The DUHHHHH Phenomenon

I feel the pressure each time I have to "title" my thoughts! And my grammar isn't the best since I write like I talk. Stream of consciousness. Rambling on style. Or "Blogging On" I shall call it. So then I go back and fix it and that brings up not so fond memories of when I have written professionally. This is my therapy of Blogging I suppose. I'll manage somehow. Still heartbroken about the pictures I've lost. But for all things there is a purpose. And I am grateful for the few pictures I do have in old fashioned print form! I have already backed up what I have onto CD.

Besides the energy lesson on letting go, my memory is just muddled past few days. Long term is fuzzy. Short term isn't much better. Seems English language has become my secondary language. I've noticed others are feeling it too. I'll dub it the DUHHHH phenomenon. Just right in the middle of talking the words are gone. And the most simple every day words can't be found in the cerebral rolodex. All part of the trip and the great changes underway my spiritually gifted friends tell me. So if you are feeling this too- a) be glad you do not have to talk on the radio and b) know that you are not alone in this. Do not hold on too tight to how things have been and that will make the trip a little easier. xxxoo Jill