Saturday, March 19, 2005


Well, this day has gone from a slow roll downhill to a push off a sharp cliff. I installed "Hello" and "Picasa" and it imported ALL my photos from MY PICTURES file. I wanted to organize JUST the pictures I felt I might use and deleted a few and it didn't ask "Are you sure you want to send this picture to Recycle Bin?" But just to be sure I went and checked and pictures I had deleted WERE still there. So I thought it was repetitive or a "Copy" and proceeded to Delete most of more than two years of photos that had not been burned to CD. :( And because we are low on memory I also deleted it from Trash (before double checking my My Pictures folder).

My husband trying to console me said "Perhaps its a lesson that the past is not important". He's usually profound like that at the most trying times. One of many reasons why I love him. Feels like a kick in the teeth mainly. Not a good start to the Blog energy. :( Pictures of daughters style show. Last day of school. Kindergarten for my son. Well..I'm just heartbroken that's all. It's my own fault for not backing them up with CD copy. Welcome to the Digital age huh?