Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Love and Listen

My heart is heavy for the people of Red Lake --sight of the deadliest school shooting in America since Columbine. Just 150 miles north of Fargo. With the families, neighbors, and injured victims in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Tears welled up as I read this : At a prayer vigil in St. Paul for the ten dead, three Bald Eagles were seen soaring above the group. The crowd cheered as they knew that the eagles had come to "wrap up the prayers and deliver them to the great spirit." Coincidentally, at about the same time, a drum circle vigil was being kept in Red Lake, and that group was visited by another lone bald eagle, soaring high above...tears flowed...

Immediately upon hearing the news, I recalled an interview on Coast to Coast AM with the Hopi Elders back around the time of Columbine. Eerily, it was just replayed less than a week ago. Two Grandfathers and one Grandmother speaking of Hopi Prophecy and the Great Emergence. Grandmother did not speak much. But when she did- she said that the children have not gotten the love they need.

The attention their soul needs.

With more and more Mom's and Dads working. At home on the computer or staring at the T.V. Or out doing other necessary things. Rather than sitting with their ears sharp to their childrens words.

She said also that children are no longer shown the right way. The way of Spirit. And not only will children turn against other children and teachers but their parents and family too.

This poor 16 year old soul was lost. His mother in a home. His father committed suicide a few years ago. He not only shot fellow students and a teacher but his Grandmother and Grandfather too. 10 dead so far. Many more injured... physically and emotionally.

The author of one of my favorite books, Kent Nerburn, has written about it in his blog. I urge you to read "The Circle" in honor of all those who are suffering at Red Lake Reservation. You will form the circle in your mind and heart for all you've lost as well in this beautiful piece. http://kentnerburn.com/

Heed the words of Grandmother Hopi and the elders. Listen. Take time to really BE with your children.

I've been accused from time to time from a friend of doting on my children too much. Of putting out too much of my time to them. I can think of worse things to be accused of. Can anyone really LOVE too much? Not with things, not with trips to far off places. Not with yes, yes and always yes over indulgence. But by telling them about the Great Spirit. And angels. And all that is good. By giving them so much more of our and their precious time. With our hearts. With our ears. Our hugs and our bedtime stories no matter what age our child is. This is the way to lead them on the right Path.

To Love and Listen.