Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Equinox prayers needed

Happy Spring Equinox! The temperature outside may not say Spring but the calender says Spring!

Days are getting longer and that is surely glorious! Even if the energy is sucky.

Spring equinox and Season itself means rebirth. New. Much like the emergence. I tell ya I can't get out of this chasm fast enough! And we see that occurring with Mother Earth. I received this from friend in email:

Gordon Michael Scallion's publication "Intuitive Flash" in the March/April issue talks about an increase in activity in the 'Ring of Fire' following the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean. In recent weeks we have seen Mt. St. Helen's become active, a new lava flow underwater off Vancouver Island, a volcanic eruption in Mexico, and earthquakes in Japan (one again yesterday) and the New Madrid fault in Arkansas, to name a few, and very erratic weather patterns along the west coast. That too goes with the "it may get worse before it gets better" theory.

Please communicate via your e-mail lists the importance of prayers of upliftment for the Earth at this time especially around the Equinox. We have the ability through utilizing consciousness and prayer to soften the occurrence of future Earth Change events. Many visions of significant Earth changes have been coming in surrounding the Equinox.
Speaking of Mother Earth---did you see this story in the region of the Tsunami? Quite fascinating as some relics were washed ashore enough for pictures to be taken! Don't get too caught up in the chaos and enjoy the beauty of NOW! XXOO Jill

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