Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Texas outrage

Happy to see that the proposed law amendment in Texas opposing gay

foster parenting is not going to go forward. This law would have even

removed children from their existing homes
! http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-foster23apr23,1,4102476.story?coll=la-headlines-politics

The hypocrisy is astounding. The hatred the anti gay religious zealots

spew toward gay makes me shudder. What is this 2005? I find I have to

check the calender and wonder if I'm not back in 1980 all over again. Have

we not moved forward at all on this? I know many gay, loving parents of

small children (that were once married in heterosexual relationships) both

men and women and honestly, I would leave my children with them any time

and have and do.

Listen there are bad parents who happened to gay and there are certainly bad

parents who are HETEROsexual! There are priests that are immoral

and priests that can move me to tears with their virtue and spirituality.

Wake up! Labels in 2005?

But we must protect the "American Family" ideal?! That's another favorite. What

is THAT?! PUHLEEZE! We all know the dysfunction that exists in this country.

The skyrocketing rate of spousal battery and chemical dependency, infidelity, incest

and crimes against children. But what that's okay as long as its a man and a woman

married in a church?!

What about the suburbia lifestyle of Mom and Dad dropping kids off at

a daycare 8 to 5 so they can have a lake home 2.5 vehicles and ritsy lifestyle?

What is the divorce rate doing to the "American Family?"

Many gay couples could run circles around the seperation rate of heterosexuals.

They love to quote their bible verse of man lieing with a man

So I ask are they sin free? Judge lest ye be judged.

The problem is they have never loved a gay person or even known a gay person.

Problem is they don't see that they are beautiful souls made by God just like them.

They are someones Sister. Daughter. Grandson. Brother. Uncle. Friend.

Same with racism, those who are racist have never loved or known a person of different color

or background. I'm so grateful I am not ignorant. I'm so grateful for the blessing and grace

of knowing a black woman amidst a city of mainly 95% caucasians. But guess what, she's not

my "black"friend, she's my friend.

I'm so blessed to know the gays that I have come to know.

They love to quote the so called "wild lifestyle" that children of homosexuals SUPPOSEDLY

have but why don't they also quote the rate of Pedophilia in white male heterosexuals?

The lowest rate of pedophilia is a gay woman followed by a gay man. Honestly!

Look it up! If Jesus were here again, I guarantee you he'd be hanging out with

those who have AIDS and being treated like lepers still in this country. He'd be

having dinner with loving gay couples that go to church services just like these so

called "God experts."

Love one another like I have loved you.

Love your neighbor.

Those who are without sin may cast the first stone.

Ring any bells? Honestly,

Christianity is bankrupt in this country.

It's all about Love. Love, Love and more


Why does it have to be so difficult for them to understand?

Sad to say all I see from the growing religious-ism and fundamentalists

is divisiveness and hate.

But happy it was defeated.

And happy to know that there is a growing spiritual movement in this country promoting

Unity and Peace and Oneness. Non denomination Interfaithness. And where there is

that Unity there will be God. That's the other side of the chasm folks. Watch it grow.

Be on the winning side of Love. For whereever two shall gather in my name- so to will I be.

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