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Spiritlife message for May

Another beautiful Spiritlife newsletter from my beloved friend Isaac of Scotland. Terrific wisdom to live by!

Many correlations to American Indian teachings in his notes and message from Jesus or Jeshua as he often calls him. Course the Indians have many legends too about Jesus or "The Pale One" as they called him. When the Europeans began showing pictures of him to preach about their religion the Indians said "Oh this one, we know of this one! He taught us how to use all of the Buffalo!" I say AMERICAN INDIAN because good guy Tex Hall- chairman of the affiliated tribes near us told me thats how he preferred to be called when I interviewed him and asked. You don't hear it that way that often.

They always marveled why we were so obsessed with gathering more things, moving farther from Nature and into our "concrete cities" They worshiped the Great Spirit EVERY day. Every sunrise. Every sunset the honor was placed in the proper place for the gift and beauty of Life. They believed we should be measured in how much we GIVE not by how much we HAVE. More we have- the more disconnected or lost it seems mankind can sometimes become. Abundance in our society is of course too often equated with bank account balance and material wealth not with the love in our hearts and the beauty of nature that is all around and in the constant unfoldment of life- a kiss by a child, a tender compliment given or received, the exhange of Love & friendship to all those around us! Or the one that always gets me- the unexpected. Especially prayer at the most unexpected places and times. The anethesiologist who prayed with our family just before my father's surgery, the Our Father with parents, grandparents and teachers for someone that was sick in the school gymnasium just before my childrens silly Spring play. Anyway, blessings to you- I hope you enjoy the newsletter and are in place of IN-JOY, Forgiveness of all you encounter and wonderment in the beauty of Now! Some day I'll post the interviews I had with Isaac. Amazing thing to do a live transchannel on the radio. Especially on conservative talk show in heart of Midwest! But that's what keeps my blood runnin! Love - Jill

Spiritlife Newsletter
May 23rd , 2005
Vol.7, Issue 3

Greetings of Peace,

“Lamb Spotting”

I think I’m being watched…

Springtime in Scotland doesn’t just mean a time when our hearts turn to
romance, or that the bluebells on the hillsides are in riotous bloom.
Nor does it mean that’s its only time to clean out the garage or
participate in Britain’s obsession with garden maintenance, although J.R.R. Tolkein’s
inspiration for hobbits certainly originates from the absolute passion
that Scots and their neighbors to the south in England have for flowers and
other growing things. Nope, springtime in Scotland, indeed in all of
Britain, would be sorely lacking without the lambing season.

You may think what you will, but I have had profound revelations from
my new
sport; lamb-spotting. Driving along country lanes and searching for
little buggers leaping around, or playing king-of-the hill with their
siblings, has almost become my obsession of late. Sometimes, there are
cavorting lambs, just idyllic poses of little ones nestled against
mother’s belly trying to get warm, or hilarious glimpses of two lambs
stuffed under a mother and drinking milk while their tails wag
furiously in
pure delight. However, one day I was the most affected by a solitary
barely a few days old and trying to keep up with an adult, wobbly legs
shaking and little voice bleating. Moments later tears were on my

I am also a new-born. My legs are wobbling, and my usual strength and
self-assured identity are on vacation somewhere. Much of what I knew
or thought I knew, is all going through a restructuring. I am
re-evaluating everything again. Sound familiar anyone?

When I went through my last rebirthing, it was eleven years ago. That
was a huge awakening, precipitated by a kundalini kick in the pants,
forced me to completely let go of my former life and begin my path of
in Spirit. This time is also a new birth, but it is one of a different
kind, one that is quieter…deeper.

Part of the appeal of the image of the lamb has been to show me is
allowing myself to have what a friend of mine calls ‘beginners mind.’
admit that we don’t have it all figured out and locked up has the
of wisdom on it. I am becoming more interested in the immediacy of
connecting with Life through the ways of Nature. Lambs and flowers are
way. Dolphins and Angels are another. To participate with one to the
exclusion of the other is to only reinforce the mind’s obsession, with
separation consciousness.

In the Nag Hammadi Gospel of Thomas, purportedly the actual words of
Christ Jesus, he said that connecting with the Kingdom of Heaven was simple,
and that it was not to be found in temples or churches, or any structure
created by man or woman. From the Aramaic Coptic of the Gospel of Thomas, text
#3 states; Jesus said: ‘But the Kingdom is within you, and it is outside
of you.’ And text #77 states; ‘I am the light that is above them all. I
am the all; the all came forth from me, and the all attained to me. Cleave a
of) wood; I am there. Raise up a stone, and you will find me there.’ Of
course, the ‘I’ in the text refers to the universal spirit of the
Christ energy in all creation that is speaking, not just the man himself, and
it seems to me that it is a clear reference that the numinous
consciousness we
all remember is the unity of heaven with the earth.

Ahhh, unity, that quest for ascension, enlightenment, and
Question is, once you get there, then what? Actually, the question
itself, i.e., there is no ‘what’, only the bliss of being alive. Being
true self, not the false self, is the realization that there is nothing
separating you from anyone or anything, except the idea that you are
separate. Bonus material: the mind cannot get you ‘there.’ When the
lamb and I locked gazes, was I observing the lamb, or was the lamb observing
Who was looking at whom? Where is the difference between ‘I’ and ‘It’
exist, except in my own mind? During the gaze, I lost a sense of ‘me’
and it became ‘us.’ When was the last time you forgot who and what you
Then go outside and find another version of yourself in Nature and have
a staring contest, and just see what inexplicable feelings arise within
you…for apparently no reason whatsoever! Life, what a trip!

None of what I am relating about here is designed to lessen the power
of our mutual experience as souls and as humans, but it is my intention to
myself and everything else a lot less seriously. In fact, taking any
of it
too seriously is probably detrimental to our overall health. In fact,
it is
the Light-ness I am talking about here, not dark-ness. Truly, there is
enough of that polarity stuff kicking up abstractions in our noggins

There are signs of the times ahead, perhaps manifesting this summer
that will more strongly reflect the uselessness of controlling and
outcomes through fear-based thinking. Many more hearts will hear the
call to awaken. As was echoed in the last few messages from Ariel, when
people change then things change. When we ourselves return to our truest
nature, and return to Nature, we will find the image of the Light reflected
back to us. The courage to trust, no matter what is happening, is the wisdom
of the
heart, not the mind. Remove the ‘boxes’ of perception that screen off
heart from Life and Love, and more importantly, go without creating new
boxes, new labels, or new limitations. As you rise out of the
prisons of the mind, then others will be inspired. This is the
that I am now being shown by the teacher within, and my steps are baby
steps…for now.

It is no coincidence that the lamb was one of the symbols used by early
Christians to describe the nature of the Christ consciousness.
playfulness, trust, and innocence were emphasized. Above all, trusting
highest spirit of truth within was demonstrated. It is also
that the practice of the sacrifice of lambs and doves ended in Israel
shortly after the appearance of the Christ. No more sacrifice is

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to feed a few orphaned lambs with
bottle. They are insistent, determined little beings, and the feel of
eager little tongues on my fingers was quite amazing. I was touched to
core about the simplicity of their existence. I realized that in our
attempts to simplify life we have overcomplicated it. I am learning
other teachers now, most notably the Earth herself.

I do not know what the next messages within may be. I am choosing what
feel are the directions and choices that will assist me in my journey
then watching what happens next. I am relying more on what I feel is
rather than what I think may be right. I am gazing into eternity, and
someone is looking back at me.

Blessings on your journey.



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