Friday, June 03, 2005

Back again

Okay here I am. Back again with a determined mindset to begin posting again. Maybe it's the German
email I received saying hello. Or maybe its just all the stuff rattling about in me brain! I think of it,
don't get chance to write, then another day comes and it piles on I tell ya!

I began walking our dog, Popcorn, this morning as I had been in Spring before long stretch of bad
weather and early trips to school with the kids stopped me in my tracks. But now I plan to walk her
before work, and blog before facing my day. A nice writer routine!

And be sure to read the May 24th posting of my friend Isaac George's
Spiritlife Newsletter from the hills of Scotland. I wrote it last week but guess it was lingering still

So ya all come back now ya hear?

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