Monday, June 20, 2005

Baby birds

Was very hot and muggy yesterday and we thought we may get a storm.
But most of it was to the north of us yesterday. Last night the overnight low
was around 80! So sure enough, things started to rumble late this morning.
Nothing like a morning thunderstorm to relish beings self employed and having
time to sip some coffee and watch it roll through.

The kids were worried about the birds next under our deck. So we took the time
to explain that there already had been some storms this summer late at night
and they were fine. One of the 4 eggs hatched over the weekend so they are
especially worried about the fragile newborns. From our bedroom window we
can look straight out at the nest and so we observed Mama sitting on the eggs
during the rain storm. Trying to imagine how snug and warm that newborn must
be under her belly!

They enjoyed watching it so much. We explained that this is how American Indian
kids spent a good part of their day! Watching and observing every aspect of nature
and all of Mother Earth's creatures that are living and doing their thing every step
of the way just like us. From ants to worms to birds being born it's always nice to
stop and observe the beauty of lif e all around us and Nature's splendor!

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