Friday, July 01, 2005

Turning point

Perhaps we are more than half way through the chasm and this is the better
and easier half to get there! Depending on your view point and where you are
along the path I suppose. Some might be closer to the other side than others!

Karen Bishop writes a terrific energy "report" called "Whats up on Planet Earth"
from Arizona at least once a month,
often times lately much more than that. Here's the latest update. Happy

July 1, 2005 The Turning Point

(Although I am unable to answer your questions
and e-mails, I greatly welcome your comments.)

And now, onto the latest energy alert.....
The mid-point has been reached as of June 21
and now we are most certainly "turning" as we forge the way
for the New Planet Earth to emerge in form.
The balance is now wavering as so many have risen in vibration,
along with our planet herself, creating this now much larger
accumulation of light.
The "whirlwind", fast moving, over-stimulating,
too much coming at us energies are still here, but serving a distinct purpose
in this on-going process of human and planetary ascension,
as they will assist in pushing us "OVER".
As the energies escalate in speed and intensity, they are bringing much
to the surface for release, as always, only this time they are designed
to bring much "to a head" as much needs to "crash".
So the current theme, then, is bringing things to a head in order for much
to crash that can no longer survive in this New vibration and New world
that is unfolding for us now. How are these energies and how is this phase
currently manifesting in our lives?
We may feel that there is an unusual amount of activity going on in our lives.
We may feel that there is "too much for us to do".
If you are sensitive, you may be feeling a lot of pressure within and without
for perhaps no apparent reason. Things may feel "out of control".
Again, if you are sensitive, you may feel that things are "falling"
and a strange sense of fear that something is soon to "end".
You may even feel "attacked" as so much is coming at us now and moving so fast.
For sensitives, these shifts can really affect us as we feel so much,
even though what we sense is not particularly in our own arena and reality.
In addition, breakthroughs are also occurring. For the past several weeks,
we had that energy that seemed to be holding us back, as no matter what we did,
we seemed to get nowhere. The energies had been building, were at a sort of tidal
wave spot of an out-of-balance dance, and what was coming ahead for us
had simply not yet been prepared for us to enter into.
As the energies begin to adjust and what is ahead, then, begins to adjust as well,
things are now being more greatly matched up for much of the New to manifest
and finally unfold.
Remember, all time is happening at once.

During this time of reaching the higher realms, we can have experiences of
past, present and future occurring at intervals not matching a linear time frame.
Although unnerving at times, if you understand what is occurring,
it helps to know you are not losing it or developing some kind of mental disorder!
So basically what I am saying is that in the higher realms, all can happen at once
with no linear time, but in addition, as we are in a process of reaching
and evolving into those higher realms, we are also experiencing the evolutionary
aspects of progression with the energies. With the faster moving energies affecting us
for the past several weeks, and continuing to build in intensity,
we are most certainly being supported in this phase of the crashing of the old.
In 2004, while viewing things for 2005 in preparation for writing
the energy alert for the year to come, it appeared over and over
that 2005 would be the year of "destruction".
And remember that this will be the destruction of the old.
And know as well that the old and New are passing like ships in the night.
The crashing and destruction is occurring because, and in tandem
with the arrival and implementation of the New.
This is a perfectly designed process.

How might this unfold as things progress? For example, real estate prices
will most likely continue to escalate, go completely out of control,
and eventually crash. This will affect banking, thus beginning the domino affect
as things begin falling like a house of cards.Our tax structure here in the USA
has been preparing for a crash for awhile.
I have continually seen the IRS coming down and a New structure coming into play
involving a very simple process. One page to be exact.
And know that there are individuals on the front lines paving the way for the New
and that things will not completely implode in this area until the New structure
is completely in place.
This is the way of the ships passing in the night. As more and more of the New
comes into place, more and more of the old will come crashing down.
This is designed so that the process will be as gentle as possible
and we will have a soft place to fall.
And there may very well be a time coming when many
will simply be walking away from the old without trying to salvage a thing;
from their homes, their businesses and their relationships.

The very tiring "hoop jumping" phenomenon is now very prevalent.
Now wired for instant manifestation and creating fresh and new in any given moment
within a "living and being in the moment" reality, having to go through one thing
in order to accomplish another just does not fit us.
It seems we cannot do this until we first do that and on and on,
and this grossly goes against what we are evolving into and what
the New World is about.
The old 3D reality was based on fear and control and created for a very powerless being,
and we are no longer that. "Hoop jumping" feels like molasses,
quicksand, severely heavy and certainly not where we are now finding ourselves
as we enter these higher realms! In addition, as we move more
and more into the higher realms, we will experience more
and more of the "boundary" problem. What is the boundary problem
or new boundary experience? Basically, the veil has greatly thinned.
The density has dropped. Much is available to us now. Much is "wide open".
We think a thought and it appears in form. We are sharing space with
the non-physical beings, as we are now in their higher dimensional "home"
(you may be seeing movement out of the corner of your eyes from time to time
or colors, lights and strange shapes and forms), you think of someone a
nd suddenly feel their presence right next to you or they coincidentally call,
and so on.The boundaries we are used to living in are no longer there.
At physical levels, this can manifest in other ways.

With the absence of the old boundaries, we need only think of someone we adore,
and feel them right beside us. For me, it feels as though they are RIGHT HERE
and it feels very real indeed. While being in this experience,
almost undoubtedly that person will suddenly call or make contact.
But for me, I really feel the experience of having them right there
enjoying their company.This is what being in the higher realms is about.
This is why we will be reunited with our loved ones who have already made their transitions.
We just need to learn to navigate here and also to BELIEVE that we are here.
Once we become accustomed to these newer ways of being,
we will open the doors to even more exciting experiences.
But we must BELIEVE.

The other prevalent theme now is the group energy. As we can no longer do it all ourselves, this rapid moving energy (as well as the ascension process in general) is creating a weary human who is tiring of all the responsibilities. This sets a perfect stage for giving it up and for surrendering to some kind of help.

Letting go of the need to control and trusting that a partner or team will arrive with their own special gifts to contribute is part of the ascension process. Not a new concept here, but one that we are FINALLY ready to embrace and experience. We will go back and forth between worlds as we go back to teach and share.

So here we are, poised again for yet another leap forward in our passions and joys while we also experience this on-going process of human and planetary evolution, expansion and growth.Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy? I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,KarenWhat's Up On Planet Earth? is a free/donation based energy alert connecting us through information about physical, emotional, spiritual and planetary changes many of us are experiencing , including inspiring stories and suggestions for living in the New evolving vibration and a view of the world soon to come (it's truly beautiful!). And know that although many of us are having similar ascension experiences, we are going through these incredible changes at a time and in a way unique to each of us. To your unending joyful creations!Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering the What's Up On Planet Earth? information free of charge on our web site and through the latest e-mail energy alerts. To make a donation, click here

About Karen: Karen Bishop has had lifelong inner knowing of human and planetary evolution and events, as well as psychic ability and multidimensional access since birth. She possesses a varied background in metaphysical studies and training. Karen left her prior career as a grantwriter, non-profit consultant and newspaper columnist to be in her joy and creativity through creating the What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts and web site. She is no longer giving Soul Readings, but is currently working on her book and on-line program"Finding Your Soul Purpose/A Part Of Ascension".To join the What's Up On Planet Earth? mailing list and receive the latest energy alerts, click here.

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