Saturday, July 09, 2005

Take me outta the ballgame!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giving thanks and praise to the guardian angels to saved us from disaster last night
as my 7 1/2 year old son was hit in the head with a baseball at the F/M Redhawks
game. We didn't even see it coming nor did anyone near us. The pitch was 91 mph
and not sure how much speed it still has coming off the bat but let's just say you can
imagine the force and damage that ball could cause to a young mans head or eye.
Nose bleeding even though it didn't hit his nose was mighty scary. Ball stitching
imprinted in the mark. Luckily he stayed conscious.
Inches from his eye, on his right temple, we iced it and had the medic look at it and
then went to the ER for further examination of any fractures or internal bleeding.
Many prayers were silently said as we waited for the catscan results.
Happy to say all was clear.

Life can change in an instant. Parents never really need a reminder of that do we?
It's always there. One second he's talking to me and next he's
screaming oh oh oh as I ran out into concourse with medic running full speed toward
us and am left wondering what just happened???!!!

Can't keep them in a bubble but life
is indeed so precious
and fragile.

I don't need anything to happen to him to have my priorities set
they were already in proper place before it occurred. Why I proceeded to let God
know as I paced in the ER waiting room for 2 hours while he drifted in and out
of sleep from exhaustion.

My children always amaze me. Their spirit. Their heart.
At one point he said to me "Mom, I feel
bad for the batter who hit me. And want him to know I'm okay" Wow.
These kids- they are here to teach US! And later he added after saying it was the
worst day of his life "Mom, I am just glad it happened to me and not you" and
again later before going to sleep, "I'm glad it was me and not anyone else up there"

Signed baseball by the whole team and a note to the team to raise the protective
netting behind the infield and a big, huge sigh of relief and thanks that worst was
over after the impact. Will take a while before it's ever the same at the ol ballgame.

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