Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Energy Shmenergy

Here I was writing for like 3 days straight then whammo, nothing for week.
Will be much easier once the kids are back in school. They are up late for
them (1opm) and up early (8am) and am lovin every minute of it!

The energy continues to be arduous this summer. I swear half the time, I'm
"half here" as are they. But putting our feet in the grass and sitting on the
porch in the morning with my coffee and my lab brings me back!

We have hard ankle pains (like it's been hit with a mallet), shoulder cramp,
and hard tummies around here. Difficulty sleeping for weeks on end and
then stretches where we could sleep for days on end. (I hate that one!
Its hard enough being a Mom!) We have little things "disappear" completely
only to resurface right where we thought they were. In which case, it's so
nice that St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, is so speedy! Try it,
you'll see (you don't have to be of Catholic Faith)

Jump! Jump! Jump around! Somethings lost and can't be
found, St. Anthony can you help me find__________-

Some days we are super agitated, other days as blissful as a Loon at Sunset
on a calm lake. In and out it goes. Friday my friends tell me is the Portal
of Sirius opening. Sirians are our friends so that's good. And then there's
the anniversary of the Harmonic Concordence coming as well. I just hope
it brings more of the calm, bliss energy. Along with manifestation of many
things we're waiting for. Waiting, Waiting. Literally lifetimes of waiting.

So who's all out there in the Blogosphere stopping by the Emergence?
I know you are there but many wish to remain in the shadows. But if you
wish to stand up and say hello, tell me, how is the Energy treating YOU
these days? Tell me the symptoms you are feeling and anything else new
you wish to share......


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