Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lemonade Tycoons

Came home from running errands on what is another hot, humid day in the Valley. I can't recall this many upper 80 or 90 degree days in a row in a very long time. But yet, haven't seen much about it in the news. But then again, I don't watch the news!

Pulling into the driveway we noticed the neighborhood kids had set up a Lemonade stand in the boulevard part of our yard. We face the busiest street and so seemed pretty ingenious to me. Growing up, I would have never thought to actually use someone elses yard for a strategic and all important location, location, location! Of course my 9 year old daughter was more than surprised, she had coincidently already discussed having a lemonade stand to combat summer boredom doldrums. So, she said "Hey, how come they are in our yard?" We chuckled about it and told her to relax they won't last too long in this heat! It was about 3 p.m.

She pulled together an accomplice quite quick (neighborhood classmate buddy) and they decided they would make "Orange Mist" a combination of Sprite and Orange soda. I was impressed. If your going to compete, why not offer something different. By the time they got the all important signage prepared and headed out it was 5 p.m....Peak selling time! An added bonus that they hadn't considered. The competition had left and they were in business.

They lasted about a half hour and had made $1.00 and were pleased. She brought the money to me. For me? I joked. Turns out no, it wasn't for me. It was for our friends 9 year old daughter that has cancer. Her generosity never ceases to amaze me.

She's definetly a Taurus. She'll definetly be a career woman AND a mom. I just hope she's happy. I hope her generation can finally manage to manifest getting us over the chasm. Manage to do away with poverty in the world! Do away with homelessness, hatred, fear, do away with crimes against children that cause more generations of crimes against children. Do away with disrespecting and slowly killing Mother Earth. I told her that there's people who go high up in to the tree to save it from destruction.

And while they are at it, I hope they eliminate materialism and accomplish Peace, prosperity and all that is good. I believe it will happen in her lifetime. Believing is the first step. And I'm always thinking ahead. Hoping for the best.

By the way, in case you didn't know what a neighborhood stryofoam cup of lemonade goes for these days it's a quarter. Used to be a dime when I was growing up....how about you?

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