Monday, July 18, 2005

Random musings

I can't believe we're on downhill side of July. This summer has really been flying by.

Wondering why I always dread it so much and so many other Mom's can't wait for their kids to be heading back to school around this time. I think our educational system is one of the greatest in the world but still, yet another area that needs a lot of work. School day is far too long for one thing. Just that much more convenient for busy Moms and Dads that both work perhaps? Kids come home spaced out and ready to veg. Yet more and more they have loads of homework when they get home too. Just a few minutes to slam down lunch, shorter and shorter recesses. Let them be kids I say! Life's hard enough as it is. More art. More music. More free time. And more interaction with Mom and Dad. Yes I know, but we must keep up with the Japanese and we're lagging. Well, who cares. The Japanese lead the world in suicide. Longer breaks and shorter school days (5 hours)

Why are alot of Mom's "sit on the side Moms" I wonder? Do they want to sit on the side of the pool and watch their kids play while they sit all primped and dry? At the public pool and at hotels I always wonder why theirs so many Moms observing but not engaging in the play time. Me, I'm a dive right in, try to go down on my belly, lets see how long we can hold our breath kinda Mom. I'm so glad and so are my kids!

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