Sunday, August 14, 2005

Past or Present?

Wow, I can't believe another week has flown by. Have been very busy.
Kids will be in school in week and half and imagine I'll be writing
more regularly then.

In Isaac's "Spiritlife" newsletter he said his wife Lynn came up with
this metaphysical piece of dynamite "You get what you want" I hate
that one! Our heart may say one thing but the engine is our thoughts
and they can really muddle things up over and over until we "get it".

My husband and I were having an argument and I was focused on something
he had said some time ago. He said "Well, just because I felt that then
does that mean I have to feel that way now?" Whoa. Another piece of
Metaphysical dynamite. Both in how we treat others and feel about
ourselves and the world around us.

So, are you holding a grudge against anyone because of something they
said 10 years ago? Do you assume someone you love STILL feels the same
about EVERYTHING they've ever had an opinion on or do you give them the
option to change their minds? This is pretty important nugget in the
energy of NOW. The past holds very little to nothing at all. The
future isn't here yet and can muck up the NOW if you let it.

"We are what we think" You've heard that one before right? Well, that
is...we are what we think NOW. TODAY. NOT 5 seconds ago, Not 5 years ago,
Not 10 years ago or 20. Really chew on that for a while. I think you'll
be amazed at how far you've come if you allow yourself to dwell on that.

Now that's not to say those that are still "asleep" as we in the energy
world like to say- aren't just trumbling along with the same thoughts,
biases, routines , food and order that they have for 10-15 years. But they'll
turnaround soon enough. You just enjoy your evolvement for Now!

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