Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rumbles in the Chasm

Many things happening in the news today that magnify
the immense fault lines that are now rumbling along the
chasm. If time allows, and be patient, I'm dealing
with this tsunami of energy just like you are, I'll
detail some of the things to watch. Standing at the
edge of the massive cliffs edge it is much more
exciting to be aware and consciously assist the shift.

(Don't hear that every day at the water cooloer now do you?)

But honestly, that's the only key to attatching to ANY of
this, we have to tune in to some things or we will never
get ourselves to the other side of the chasm in this Great

Here's an outline of some indicator of where to look in
the news. I try to avoid the mass media as a general
chasm rule but I recommend PRINT MEDIA as form for you
to follow along. Much more devoid of the bells and
whistles they like to throw our way and clever editing and
tone of announcer. Neutral. So with that......

---Northwest Airlines Mechanics strike continues. Airline now
saying we don't care. We don't want to pay them and the
ones that strike will be replaced by less workers who will
work for less. *Watch this one unfold and put forth whatever
energy you feel most fair

--General Motors massive restructuring. See above and more. Entire city
affected and one of highest rates of poverty and unemployment for
some time. A very pervasive situation bubbles to the top once again.

--Gas prices hit record high again. $3 a gallon + out East. Drivers

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