Saturday, January 28, 2006

Energy and the Phone

Funny things happening with the phone lately again. Has been a while but
we used to have problems with garage door opener and then our cordless
phone. It's all electro magnetic energy like us! I called Paul my husband
the other rang twice and then went to voicemail. Like usual, I had
difficulty reaching him. He called back immediately on my cell and asked
"Did you just call here?" I said yes and he said well that's weird it has an
odd number on the caller id and it says "Northern Lights" I gasped. While
there IS a company called Northern Lights in town that sells lights or
something we both thought of the name on his business cards for his
energy healing work "Northern Light" and why would this come up on
the caller ID when I called? Spirit communicates in so many beautiful ways!

Next day I was sitting at the computer and the phone rang. Our home line.
It said name of an advertising agency that would never call my home line.
I do know someone working there now on a personal level so I thought I'll
answer and see if its her. The voice said in business manner after I simply
said "Hello"..."Um, yes is this __________(name of business)" No....(pause)
"Laura!?" "Yes- who's this" "Jill! Hellllooo" She gasped at least 3 times.
followed by a few "whoa. WHOA!" And is this your home number? well that's
not even close to the number I....."Whoa" Guess it's time to have lunch again
we agreed!

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