Saturday, January 28, 2006

Smudge pot

Okay so we managed to "Super Smudge" the upstairs and the downstairs. Flame was amazing as it practically danced! Twisting and turning it never got too super high to scare us! The kids enjoyed watching from afar and Hannah was especially comforted by it and asked us to do it in her room which we did. Certainly cheaper than a dowsing which is around $150 for us here although that deals with balancing out the energetic charges from ground, satellites and etc so still may do that as well since a woman I trust is now doing this. I was told this type of smudging that we did is very effective and packs a powerful punch of white Light of Spirit to do whatever your intent is of course. "A white bomb of Light"

We are all in charge of our own "energy domain" but we do need to ask. This was to clear all negativity and negative energies in, above, below and around our home! Now will be interesting to see how the energy feels over next few days, how we sleep and how happy we will all be! Although, I never see things...just the kids do. I am clairsentinent. And sometimes, clairaudient. (hear and feel my information) But of course we all are- we just need to trust and tap in to that. The "knowing" is in your gut. If you think it it's your mental energy which can be deceitful when you are surrounded by negativity or if your empathic like I am. Or I should say, used to be. I've learned to have empathy for others but NOT empath it in to my energy. Nope, don't want
to and don't have to do that any longer! Phew!

If it's in your gut or your heart chakra- you KNOW it. I can certainly feel the difference of energy shifting in the home especially upon returning from a trip which we hardly do lately. How our 9 year old Hannah sleeps will probably be the biggest indicator of how well it worked and last night she slept really well. Both her and our 8 year old son we're giddy about the whole idea. We stressed safety, safety, safety along with privacy. Not sure how well it would go over to start telling friends that Mommy and Daddy did a big ol smudge pot! But they get that. I often feel like "Bewitched" here in the suburbia of conservative Fargo, North Dakota. East or West coast perhaps you could freely talking about energy healing and smudge pots but here we all
keep pretty quiet about it. Once and while the kids will make a comment in the back of the Mom van that I smirk and think well they are lucky to have such cool, understanding parents! Since they not only get energy- they teach us more than we teach them. There's certain restaurants they won't go to because "I get headaches and well, I just don't like the energy in there Mom"'s how it worked: We used a big old cooking pot with a cookie sheet under it along with a scrap of carpet. The pot did burn some on the sides toward the end and it did burn for good 5 minutes then immediately went out. Begin with prayer and your intentions. Always with prayer. And a simple sage smudging works just as well too. Once a month, certainly when you first move into a home and in your work space if you can gather up enough privacy to do so and if you think smelling like Sage would go over okay!

We recommend to put a metal plate in the center of the room on which is a little metal pot. You put a quarter of an inch of Epsom salt into the pot. When you want to begin the clearing ceremony, you pour no more than half an inch of rubbing alcohol over the Epsom salt and throw a burning match into the rubbing alcohol.
For about five minutes it will burn up all the etheric, astral and mental energy in the

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