Thursday, January 26, 2006

Go the distance!

Energy sure packing a punch. Funny how its always lumped in as "Flu" in these parts. Stomach aches? Dizziness? Achy bones? Extreme fatigue? Comes and goes right? Like few days here, then week later day here and there. Get grounded. Get physical. Laugh much. Let go of everything. Duke upset? North Dakota beats Wisconsin?! Shifting is well underway. Be careful to surrender to spirit NOT ego in these times. It's a perilous path of choices. Be true not to fear but to that which is sincere within you and that which brings you peace and warms your heart.-----Jill

First CHANNEL to be posted here BY my perhaps my dearest friend and greatest mentor on earth next to my husband, Barbara Stabiner of Long Island NY-- the infamous "Seer of Seaford"....who's wisdom always but always illuminates me further along this joyous,treacherous, pioneering path of life. I hope there's more to come so that I may do my best to share the wisdom of the Universe.

WHEN WE EXAMINE THE CONTINUANCE OF THINGS, WE CAN MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH. Among all things, the consciousness of self..must be explored. Yes, there is always focus on your inner self and perspective but now the time to transcend all inner turmoil. We must overcome all ego-generated perspectives and difficulties with no regrets by pacifying stress that is based upon projection and fantasies.With that..true understanding and relaxation from stress can be attained. The instincts that spring forth will help to explain to you your real needs. The truth does set you free..but encouraging exchange brings real progress!
The exact point at which the lines cross in the infinity symbol represents the threshold to higher knowledge. Access becomes easier when you honor the urgent need to find your center. Infinity is without beginning, without end. Go the distance!
We are undergoing part of our souls purpose creating a new sense of being. Who am I now? Where do I go from here? Where do I belong now as some of us are musing and pondering. Does the wonder give you a sense of finality? As you are aware, endings create beginnings and may it be the best is yet to come.
We are swimming in the higher realms finalizing the last pieces that still remain in the old 3D world before we can move ahead with our dreams. Have you created your dreams as yet? STOP SPINNING your wheels without getting anywhere. You cannot even find your old space anymore either. Haven't old scenarios become quite uncomfortable too?
We are in another perhaps. Where has your tolerance gone or anger perhaps!
For some predictions: December 2005 was a BIG pivotal point and commencing January (2006) new grooves.Start being in joy, with some leisure, playing, creating and having the fun of joy (the catchup time)
No agendas, no attachments, no systems, no hoops to jump. Do something physical. Cleaning and clearing, yes.. would be in order.Have heaven and dreams in your heart and feel the magic.
Have any of you reached your critical mass as yet? Such as, dissolving old issues relaxing in the fact that the times are that you cannot do anything about nothing. Remembrance loss causing fear? The water replenishes and the tide washes over you, and makes one put on the brakes.
Feeling centers are readying for will will see. New earths new rules are creeping in. This out of body feeling is getting ready for replacement too.
The breakers of old earth is blinking slowly along with our fatigue as we opt for a different state of consciousness, understanding of our own individual paths, our old illusions. Letting go! What is there about the reality we chose to live in that makes one so opposed. Not believing is one answer and not feeling the guts, cells and molecules within us moving with strength and conviction of our inner truth. Yes, you can do it and get anything you want as pricey as it seems to be. It is just a case of sharing energies vibrationally matching to give your dreams support.
Wipe away the cobwebs of old brain programming and do not hold onto the old space. Be in charge as your creator wants it that way perhaps humbly.
Creation for you cannot always happen in an instant. Think. Focus then let go. Remember, we are still in a loop trying out our new power and handling anything that has power over us still.
Open the windows of your mind and cleanse your heart. It contains the plaque of non-believers. Haven't you not seen the wind come through and the cleansing rain? We shall sail on the wood of Gods forest, embraced by the greenery of fresh dew. Every tomorrow is a new day with the respect you have for yourself and the brightest of smiles and laughter that you tackle everyday as the achievers that you are. There is no place to run or hide when your soul feels free of burdens that you once carried in your heart. You have worked hard as compassionate beings and now you have become selective beings.Everyone must account for the error of their ways and clear it all with new belief systems.
Aye, love is always the answer but true love is for thyself. Hearing it all is one thing ut believing is every awareness one can have. Yes, fill yourself with every particle of love for thine IS the Kingdom and the glory forever and ever.
The overview (if you shall look back) shall be soon enough but move forward to feel where your true potential lies. Accounting is summing up what was, but accreditation of who you what is!
More to come in this adjustment period as we shall soon share your joys in thanks to our Creator

© 2006 Barbara Stabiner. All rights reserved.You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media so long as you credit the author, include the copyright notice.

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