Thursday, January 26, 2006

truth is truth

Everywhere you look the TRUTH is surfacing. The truth can set you free or
it can shock and dismay you. But open your eyes. Be awakened. Detatch from
what upsets you on the news and in those around you and those you love. If
you are truly awakened you will feel and have a knowing about this truth all
along but that doesn't mean it won't disappoint you. Perhaps you will see a story
on the news and will feel great sadness for where the collective consciousness
is headed. Detatch from this truth and find your own in the unified energy of
peace, love and harmony. It is above and beyond this collective. So fly away
to it and be free from it all. But do not sleep any longer. Look and listen.
Survey the playing field in it's new true Light. But whatever you do... be awakened. Be awakened.


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