Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Sorry haven't posted much as of late. Busy with holidays and getting back into routine again with kids back at school yesterday after 2 week break. We enjoyed our
holiday like hermits as usual. We did see family on Christmas Eve and served at the Community
dinner and we did take Mom and Dad out to dinner for New Years Eve but other than that
we were the Fearless Foursome at home. Our energy together is amazing. Seperated its
scattered mixed bag. New year always brings a punch of acceleration or quickening as we
call it. Which in turn creates agitation as physical can't keep up. And the obvious let down
for many after months of prepping for the Season POOF its over. Not like that for us though
its just a longgggg hibernation of days in our jammies, games, and good times :) Quickening
makes it hard for us to sleep though as we are all sensitive to the punch ups.

I'm still at my work outs. 2-3 times over holidays per week wasn't bad. I have yet to lose
weight but am losing body fat and I guess 2 months into it is still early. I'll be mad if 6 months
from now I'm still waiting however. My trainer is such good energy. She makes me feel as
if its for real this time. After one session I kept thinking about Butterfly and wanted to check
my Native book as I felt it was transformation. Sure enough that's what it symbolizes. I
plopped in to the tub to find which animal was transformation and wouldn't you know it
opened right up to that? Then I wanted to know Wolf. Don't know why just did. Went to it
and it was "Teacher" Amazing. Usually, energetically speaking I'm the teacher or the wise
one for all my friends, family etc. This time- she's the trainer and I"m the butterfly. Butterfly
and the Wolf. Sure would make a good childrens story. Or Simon And Garfunkel tune. I feel
called to right about the process...both painful and joyous. But oh, to find the time!

Peace be with you always in the New Year. Stress Positive. Eliminate Negative!

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