Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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in mid-January, a bombshell was dropped on the front pages of The Independent, one of Britain’s most trustworthy newspapers. The headline: Green Guru Says: ‘We Are Past the Point of No Return.’ Who is this Green Guru? He is James Lovelock, a leading environmental scientist here in the U.K. About thirty years ago Lovelock proposed a new view for the Earth’s biosphere that he dubbed ‘bio-cybernetic universal system tendency.’ His theory conceived of the Planet as a self-regulating super organism that was actually alive! Sound familiar? His initial target audiences were other environmental researchers and climatologists, but they virtually ignored him and the theory. It was the newly burgeoning environmental ‘green’ and New Age movements that embraced the idea of a conscious, living Planet. They came to regard the Earth as Mother, and she needed to be respected, not abused (cue Indigenous wisdom, ala Mayans, ala Native Americans, etc.). It took some time, but eventually the entire scientific establishment became convinced of the accuracy of Lovelock’s model, that, quote, ‘the Earth possesses a planetary control system, founded on the interaction of living organisms with their environment, which has operated for billions of years to allow life to exist.’
Now, he says, we are facing the unthinkable, that these very systems (he refers to them as feedback systems) that the Planet uses to sustain life are now working against us. We have done too much to add to the global warming via greenhouse gases, at a time while the Sun has been busily heating up the Planet (see Solar Max Cycle). Now the Earth’s feedback control systems are amplifying the effects into an exponential temperature increase, and it is unstoppable. Or, so the theory goes.

After I absorbed Mr. Lovelock’s editorial and the two accompanying articles, I felt tears welling up in me, a kind of recognition that tells me that my feelings about this began decades ago. Mr. Scientist may be wrong, and he may be right, but he recognized a long time ago that there is a thread of connectivity in all of the Planet’s systems and the life in, on and above it, and we cannot ignore the potential in his warnings. Nor is there any reason to abandon hope. We do, however, need to remove our blinkers and our tinted glasses and see clearly, for denial is useless and untenable, and the unthinkable may be upon us. According to Lovelock, time is not on our side. Awhile back when I heard Eckhart Tolle say (‘Even the Sun Will Die’) that unless there is a major arising of the new consciousness, we have as little as 100 years left before the Planet can no longer support our species, or many other life forms as well. That statement was from 2001.
There is no way to know what exactly what Gaia will do, or how things will unfold, but the signs are here and now. Indigenous elders the world over are greatly concerned about what the climate is doing. The Inuit tribes cannot hunt because the ice is melting. The polar bears are drowning because the ice is melting. Islands in the Southwestern Pacific are drowning because the ice is melting. Welcome to Water and Fire Redux.
Years ago at a presentation in Sedona, a questioner asked Ariel what more could be done to save the Earth. The answer shocked everyone. Ariel said that the Earth did not need saving, and that She was quite capable of saving Herself. Furthermore, She had a Divine mandate to do whatever was necessary in order to regain equilibrium and ascend into a new _expression of Herself, with or without us, if necessary.
The process we are in is the awakening from the Dream of Unconsciousness, and part of that unconsciousness is how humanity, through 250 years of linear, reductionist thinking, has cut itself off from the intricate and intimate world of Nature. The Planetary body is now reacting like it has a fever, and the immune system is beginning to kick in to fight the invaders…us.
How we respond, spiritually, ethically, and in actuality will determine the quality of our re-entering into a harmonious and synergistic relationship with Nature and the Earth. Nothing less than a total commitment to Planetary needs over human rights is what the challenge will be. There seems to be little time left to ponder whether we act, only how quickly we rise to the occasion. To respond will require us to become spiritual ecologists.
Many of you may deny what is coming. Many more will wonder ‘what can I do, and what must be done?’ Yes, a change in our consciousness IS required, along with an equally expanded capacity to love and serve spiritually through our devotion to this Planet’s welfare. Asking for guidance from our Source and the Earth will reawaken our intuition and instinct as to what ideas and actions contribute to the affirmation of Life, and it must arise from something other than our desire to fix stuff so that we can continue as we have been.
As Lovelock states, we must first and foremost ‘do nothing that would harm the patient (Earth).’ Each individual, each region and then each nation must act locally in caring for the Planet. It is not in the scope of this newsletter to list all the possible actions and tools that would assist in this process. However, I have included links in the section following this to all the source articles for your investigations (‘LINKS TO ARTICLES ON GAIA’). Also, the Internet can provide us all access to a reliable database for culling the information which will serve for the adventure of our lives.
Almost a year ago, as I was experiencing a shift in awareness about the nature of all things and of non-things, of unity and duality, I was exposed to an idea that God did not inhabit Creation, had nothing to do with it in the first place, and that in truth this is an imperfect Universe that is the product of our collective errors, imperfections and separation-ridden minds. Sounds complicated I know, but basically, even though I know that this reality isn’t truly ‘Reality’, somehow it just didn’t make sense that all that is glorious and beautiful in the Universe is just some happy accident of our consciousness. That the Divine can exist inside of us as our own True Nature, and not exist in Nature Herself is another form of separation.
We may have done ourselves in by playing at being the Creator a long time ago (the Fall?), and all that is not in harmony or beautiful are the distortions of that in the pattern of Creation. Since we’ve forgotten how it all happened in the first place, how could we possibly understand how to live in harmony on Earthly Paradise? That’s just it, we can’t! We still don’t understand how it all works together and how it all functions, or otherwise we wouldn’t have made the choices we collectively and individually made in the past in the first place! So, I have come back to my ‘senses’ and can now see that Gaia and I are as one, as God and I are One, and I will never split things up again.

All that we see as destructive and ugly outside of us is inside of our minds, and it is just projected onto the Universe and by inference, Gaia. However, the Essence of that creation is also in us and of us. Whatever is going on with Gaia, and our Sun, is inside of us. Edgar Cayce said as much in the 1930’s, and it’s been reiterated by many others for millennia.
Also, for the past three years Lynn and I have been shown how our collective denial of the Sacred Fire, the innocent sexuality/sensuality within all of us, especially the denial of the Feminine at core levels, has led to our current predicament with the environment. This also applies to every other facet of life here on Gaia, as we are all involved with the reconciliation of opposites. Individually and jointly, we will be sharing more about how a radical shift in our understanding of relationships and sexuality will be vital part of the healing of our personal and collective past, and cooperating with Planetary change. When we make any sort of disconnect within our minds, the repercussions are multidimensional and exponential, and the easiest way to resolving all the conflicts is the principle of unity. The words of Yeshua the Christ in the Nag Hammadi scrolls state it simply and purely…’when you make the male as the female, and the female as the male; when you make the two one, and the inside becomes to outside, and the outside the inside, then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’
Our bodies are from Gaia’s body. Our collective mind is intimately meshed with the Planet. Through our eyes, Gaia has seen Herself from space, and we now recognize that no matter how temporary it might be for, She is our Mother, our Home, and for reasons beyond us, our destiny is inexorably bound up with Hers. Back in the beginning of my work with Archangel Ariel, she (he) used to start public events with a bad joke. Ariel would say that he (she) had bad news and good news, and asked which one the group would want to hear first. Sometimes folks would ask for the bad news first, other times it would be the good news. But the answer was always to the same for both, ‘It is the end of the world, as you have known it.’
We have proven that we are unreliable stewards of this Planet, and therefore we are humbled to open ourselves and ask for a Higher Wisdom to permeate our consciousness so that we may learn to finally live in harmony with Gaia, and the rest of Creation as well. Otherwise, the Universe, and in particular this Earth, will continue to reflect to us our misbegotten creations, and the Earth will eventually do what is necessary to self-regulate and re-balance itself.
Begin the dialog between your Spirit, your Soul, your humanity and the Planet. Listen well, and follow your Divine Intuition and your human instincts. Pray globally…act locally. We’re all in this together…all of Us.
Peace be with you,
P.S. Recommended Reading – ‘The Revenge of Gaia’ by Prof. James Lovelock, ‘The Way’, by Edward Goldsmith, ‘The Symbiotic Planet’ by Lynn Margulis.

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