Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smoothing out the edges

I hope you have time to read this months Spiritlife newsletter. These are
indeed urgent times on the Planet. What more can I do? I thought to myself
after reading it. And so I decided to smooth out the edges a bit so to speak
on the G.E! Initially, I just wrote for my own clearing. Not being on the radio
for the first time in 21 years, I had to put all that energy (Gemini moon)
somewhere I guess! But then it became more than that---I feel Spirit wants
me to really put my chart of "communication to the masses" to good use HERE
and Now.

We now have spiritual updates and correspondence from some
pretty impressive folks. Barbara Stabiner on the East Coast, Reverend
Janice "HOPE" Gorman here in the Midwest allows us to reprint her messages,
Isaac in Scotland, and
I thought it might be a good idea to get a broad look at the Emergence occuring
on TV and film. From that perspective I'm happy to note that we'll have an
exciting new correspondent who has both experience in a spiritual medium
AND in film to review all the great material that is popping up to awaken us
all. So stay tuned! Alot to review already here in the U.S. with television
shows "Medium" based on Alison Dubois experiences, "Ghost Whisperer"
based on James Van Praagh's gifts, the "WHat the Bleep" phenomenon on
the big screen and the upcoming "Celestine Prophesies"

I'd like to have a global human rights correspondent as well so if you have
suggestions please email me and in the meantime I'll continue to post on
Mother Earth, human rights, and energy
changes as well.

Some days lately all I feel like doing is sleeping! The energy
is coming in so furiously that Rev. Gorman has said it can literally knock our
bones out of alignment! So not too surprising that visits to the chiropractor
have become part of my routine to take care of myself.
Knees were giving me some trouble so I slowed
down at the gym to get my back and knees realigned and am now easing back
into it. High energy headaches used to occur only in very public places like an
airport or the mall or school play but now I suffer from them all to regularly.
Working on integrating it all so I don't feel so tired and the headaches can be
manageable! But am happy to have you here. Stick with me as the G.E
continues to evolve and as always feel free to email me anything you'd like to
hear more about.


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