Friday, March 31, 2006

Be Peace!

A Channeled Message Received by Hope…(her spiritual name meaning Help Open Planetary Names) a/k/a Rev. Janice Gorman my mentor from the Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato. Angels have spoken to her since she was a very young girl. From time to time we feature the spiritual messages that come forth to her here. She offers very affordable (rare in New Age world these days) correspondence classes and personal intensives (although she is currently booked for the rest of 2006) to help others on their spiritual journey. Here is the latest urgent message from the spiritual realm followed by press center is getting for their peace pilgrimages. Eventually I will accept the invitation to join them :) Be Peace- NOW! - Jill

“Be Peace Pilgrims”Peace Pilgrims you all must be. You must all bite the bullet that flies from the guns that want to kill your brothers and sisters around the world. The war must end NOW. Please hear these words from the Black Madonna’s heart. For she weeps at the sight of this violence that is taking place in our world. She asks all peace pilgrims to push beyond their comfort zone to speak out about PEACE. If you remain silent and let this massacre go on you are as much to blame as the ones who shoot the bullets. More war will follow if you, the public, the light workers, the mothers and the fathers do not stand up and say, “STOP!” Why are you waiting for a particular time and place to let your light shine? The earth needs you to shine now. Listen to the Mothers speak! It is I, the Black Madonna and Mother Earth, who have waited patiently for her children to catch up and speak about their inner wisdom of knowing that there is another way to create justice for all. The intensity of the vibration of explosives is being prepared behind your backs by your government to wipe away more and more people. With all of the talk about the problem of nuclear weapons there has only been one country that has ever used it. And this is your country, not any others.I wish for all of you to listen to John Lennon's song “Imagine” and allow the words to move you into another reality besides war and violence. The tears that you are seeing upon my statues are not a joke or a jinx. They are as real as the tears that are being shed by the mothers and fathers who have lost their children in this unnecessary war. They are as real as the tears shed by the Iranians who have lost their children as well.Why has your nation forgotten to help the down trodden people of the world through the act of sharing its wealth? Instead of spending money for bombs, spend the money to build a new world of love and peace. Have you forgotten the words of the Creator “Thou shall not kill?” How do you proclaim to be a God-obedient country and then turn around and shoot your brothers and sisters? You do not need to be trapped in the flames of anger or pride or power. Come to the cool pond of my heart and I will put out this flame and create a new flame — the flame of compassion, forgiveness and peace and harmony and love. I hope this message leads you to a deep aspiration to pray for peace every single day. Pray that all the beings of the earth can live on Mother Earth as good citizens of the world. There is only one path that leads to peace and that is the path of love. Love, my children, Love! I speak these words through Janice/Hope to help you understand that I am waiting for each one of you to take a personal stand NOW. The scale of Lady Justice is tipping in the wrong direction and you can tip it in the other way by truly being the children of God. This energy of war has now reached the inner cities and you are losing your own children to violence for they are learning this from their elders. They are watching the adults of this country model the behavior of violence. You can call it anything you want to justify this war but what it really is when you come out of your state of denial is VIOLENCE. And VIOLENCE, even if you call it defending your home ground, is an act of a fool. For fighting will only lead to more fighting. Killing will only lead to more killing. Hate will only lead to more hate. For it is escalating and it will continue to escalate into other countries soon if you do not put a stop to this insanity. People who are able to exercise self-control make the best peace makers because they can get their point across by being peaceful. Your actions must be of peace. The cycle of anger must stop.Purify your thoughts now and join me, the Mother of the World, in the arms of love. Love can be and will be manifested in the external world if more and more of my children pray in the manner of Peace. Come, come to the well of the Divine Feminine and share moments of stillness and examine your thoughts, which move into actions. Mindfulness will help you become the person you want to be. To all those who are willing to sit still and allow me, your Mother, to enter into your consciousness, I will come. I will speak to you in a slow, soft tone reminding you that your true substance is LOVE. I will help bring you out of your cold stone hearts and melt them with the bright golden light of Global Consciousness. Those who are present to me in the months to come will be recipients of the seeds of peace, wisdom, love and compassion. You will then be able to carry these seeds forward and plant them in others who will become your fertile soil.Children, please hear these words and let them not bounce out of you but into you — into the deepest part of your beingness. For I AM the Mother/Father God of the Universe — I speak words that can bring to your world more joy and bliss then you could ever imagine.I would like to leave you with one more word. This word is COMMUNITY. This is COMMUNICATION that will bring UNITY. Community will be the most important passion you will have in the years ahead. You will need the support of friends and family to help you keep in touch with your deepest desire to learn how to love one another. There is power in numbers. As a group of people coming together in REAL, INTEGRATED SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY you will help each other find liberation from painful situations. Practicing the art of meditation and prayer time together will create a vibrational momentum that can restructure the molecular atoms of your body. Within a moment you can change suffering into peace, pain into happiness, hate into love depending on how you want to define the moments of your life. You need to create environments where people can succeed in their personal transformation into the LIGHT! Come home to God, Come home to LOVE, Come home to community, come home to ME, the Mother of the World. I have missed you my children and my heart waits to hear from you. Let me join you in the ONENESS of the great I AM.All my love from the heart of the Black Madonna

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