Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring energy update

Our resident Energy expert here at the Great Emergence if
you are just joining us is reknowned Clairvoyant medium
Barbara Stabiner of New York. A dear friend and mentor
she has illuminated my path beyond words and I hope her
insight will help you here as well. A short update from all
that speak through her. May you enjoy the beauty of this
most holy, powerful time that is Spring. Mother Earth
shows us the power of manifesting in the most wonderous
ways! I continue to be amazed that this here little blog is
getting visitors from all over the globe. It is of course a
Universal message of Love and the New way. We hope to
expand and grow in the next few years and always hope to
be a sunny, sandy, break from the rough seas in which to
lay your head and rest or to give you the PUSH to keep on
keeping on to get to the other side....
Keep your eyes, heart, ears, mouth- Open! In love, Jill

"Hold on Rinty" the winter blitz of 2005/06 has had us all in a hold of going within and also fighting and quareling with family and others to make our feelings known. Basically, it is YOUR TRUTH..THEIR TRUTH,,OR THEE TRUTH! The next step is to change your life's patterns, and trust your belief system and intuition about change while we are still in a body!
The next couple of months is to uncreate what you have created. After all, haven't we created and buried within us.. all the things that now bother us? Living in these times direct us to feel kindness about anothers anger, love for our so called enemies and the openess to switch our vibrations (through our thoughts) on a higher level.
MY belief is that the finish of 2006 is going to establish who we are as well as what we will do or become. Cleansing our old creations and forgiving ourselves will help us to release, let go and surrender the garbage that no longer exists. The residue will leave by going foward with our decisons of WHAT'S NEXT!
The time this year is to move on to discover that with our new feelings of finishing up and and endings we shall live in a place of the power of love and change the hypocracy of earthlings. After all..isn't creating fun??
Barbara Stabiner
Residing in New York

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