Saturday, July 29, 2006

darkest before dawn

When Light is shed in a space, all that was dark becomes revealed. Why do you think the lessons of war on this planet have grown from tribe against tribe, to nation against nation, to isolated pockets of terrorists? Look at the patterns within the Grande Design! We're up to flushing out those pockets, as all societies realize that the need to live in peace and share resources is the only viable path to survival of the human species. Congratulations - we have reached the final crossroads!

What is that higher light being shed? Spiritual integrity, my friends, the highest good of all is becoming our "comfort zone" of morality, rather than the individual good of one without regard for the rest. That way hasn't worked, has it? Yes, we still have the basic forms in place of judgment, guilt, blame and shame, but we are learning to forgive the past and move forward in the Now. What is needed NOW to fix the mess? That is our new focus, as a global people, and that focus will grow to visible depth in the next few years.We are in the process of developing a common consensus for new standards of behavior, from personal to national to global levels. As we rise to each occasion to help our fellow man, time and again we will cement this new paradigm into the global consciousness. What will become the most apparent, and the most painful, is that we must forgive each other for your past, closely-held mindsets and belief systems that caused us to shed blood over land, over power, over money, and the most difficult one of all, shed blood over whose God is better or whose God is right.Ah, but there is such a simple solution for that one! God is Love. That's it! What, you were expecting something complicated? Sorry. God is Love. God is Love. God is Love. God asks us to love all. Love all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Ugliness is only a perspective that lives behind the eyes. In the mind and heart, yes? So when we see hatred, violence, abuse, and murder, we close our eyes from the pain of witnessing and pray that it never touches us.

Remember the phrase, "It's always darkest before the dawn." We are merely up to the darkest part of the lesson plan friends. We collectively look at the world's problems and say, "It's everywhere." Yes, it is but so is the Light! It is temptingly easy to slide back into victim mode, into helplessness, into powerlessness, but I implore you not to do so. Again, it's all a matter of perspective, how you see yourself, how much you love yourself, how much you value the human potential. This is what you are doing, fellow lightworkers, energetically transforming the human perspective in order to bring in our higher potential. Without the higher perspective, we cannot see that higher potential and therefore cannot manifest it. We are living as circles upon circles, all our individual lives unfolding next to each other, invisibly woven together by mutual lessons, creating our reality by the way we see things to be. That is why I have always emphasized, throughout my work, to clear all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, in order to be able to reach and blend with the higher energies, with your higher self, to reach and live within and from that higher perspective. Establishing a new paradigm for an entire planet is no small task! It doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen visibly at first, but it is the expansion of that new vision, that new way of thinking, that eventually takes hold and begins to manifest change, quickly.So while you may think that the global mess is beyond fixing, that it is too huge to move forward, I say simply, you are grounding the intent. You are releasing the need for war, heart by heart, and that is releasing the next generation from blindly accepting and perpetuating the old biases. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing! As each government moves towards following the will of the people and doing what is best for its peoples, guess who will be actively creating, nay, manifesting that change? Your children, who refuse to fight each other. Your children, who refuse to hate each other just because their parents do. Your children will make manifest what you are creating in your lifetime. Look around at your current leaders, see how long their career potential is, see how many have already stepped down. Ten years from now, how many of them do you think will be left in charge? Think about that for a moment. Now go forward twenty years. Most of you reading this text will still be alive in twenty years. But most of your current leaders will be long gone, replaced by younger ones.
So though things may look grim, now is the time to stand strong and tall. Time is moving so quickly that change will move quickly, too. As you have heard from other sources, the human consciousness gave permission for this shift to happen at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Twenty years later, look at how much on the planet has already shifted into the Light! Look at how much progress has been made, how many old hates and hurts have already been laid to rest, how many people have been saved and aided by our humanitarian efforts. Focus on the good -- feel good about yourself, your life, your potential.If enough people can learn to simply love themselves, those ripples will spread, will connect, will affect the whole planet to bring us beyond war and fear, into a perspective of love and peace. Once enough people shift their internal perspective, outer reality will follow suit.

Peace will come soon, for we are bringing it in by sheer faith!
Reverend Angela


We know that in this One Life of universal livingness that each
is an awakened heart of God-Force. That throughout the hallowed
ages of each eternal _expression of this one and only Life many souls
have lived as joy, peace, and the motion of love in the human realm.
I recognize that once again I am poised and positioned on earth to
aid with the spiritual evolution of The Light of God, The Light of
Peace, and The Light of Love.

Spirit has enlightened me with the wisdom that peace is not something
that is created ~ it is something that is experienced. Today I embody
peace within each living moment. I let go of any thoughts and images
that are intent on separating me from perfect peace. I actively practice
being the reflection of peace in my daily living, and in that, others can
witness a moment of peace in the world. I begin the work of creating
this reality so that the realization is awakened within the One sooner,
better, bigger, and more joyously than ever before.

I am so grateful for the peace that is on the planet, regardless of all
the noise to the contrary. There are places of peace! I am one of them
and I am a powerful action of force. I see this awakened in everyone.
And so it is.
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