Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Watch next 15 months

Some good advice from my mentor Janice "Hope" Gorman of the Hope Interfaith Center (link on right) in Mankato.

The Future is Created in the Now!"Dear Friends,To paraphrase the late Bette Davis, “Buckle yourself in; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” Watch the next 15 months, especially late summer through the late fall. We call it the “wheels coming off the bus” time. A lot of the next part of this year appears to hinge on what we, the common people, are willing to put up with and what we are not willing to put up with. Big doings are afoot!Every 72 years in U.S. politics, there’s a sea of change in the way we relate to our government. The last time it happened was during the era of the Great Depression and before that, the Civil War. We are at one of those radical junctures were we again don’t trust our leaders to lead. So we must lead our own lives back into balance. Here are the top ten issues that need to be taken a look at for our own personal lives and our greater community:1. Sustainable Living. We must see a rapidly growing desire of more people to be self-empowered, non-reliant, and connecting back to the land. A simpler lifestyle will be needed in these high-risk times of terror, pandemics and a compromised food supply. Keep life simple!2. Alternative Energy Movement. With steadily rising fuel prices and oil companies raking in their highest profits on record, the necessity for alternative and economic fuels will be the mother of new energy inventions. Invest your money in breakthrough technologies that explore new sources of energy. Share rides! Walk! There are many simple answers as well!3. Hometown Economy. Stay closer to home! Paying a few pennies more at a local merchant and being concerned with and patronizing your small hometown companies and businesses will bring back the power to the people. Act locally!4. Simplicity. “Less” will be “more.” Big cars, big houses and big extravagances will be a thing of the past as inflation outpaces wages. Watch what you are supporting!5. Economy. In 2006 and 2007, America will take a direct hit from a “category 5” economic storm that is currently brewing on the global financial market and steadily gaining strength. Watch your pennies!6. Living in Community. Find yourself a group of like-minded individuals who care deeply for each other. Community instead of congregation is the ticket to being safe, secure and loved.7. Transformational Sharing. Having the ability to do “transformational sharing” is at hand. For those who HAVE, your job is to take care of those who HAVE NOT! Do not hoard your talents, your food or your money. Now is the time to learn how to share!8. Pro-active Health Care. Drink lots of water. Eat more fresh, organic and raw foods. Spend more time moving your body. Be in a frame of mind that is always in gratitude for what you have. Be a type of person that has joy in your heart so it shows in your face! Physical, mental and emotional health is important for your immune system and is a pro-active move towards the greatest of health.9. Storing Food. Store food but do not hoard food! It would be wise during these times of radical change to keep some stored food for you and your loved ones. It is suggested that you have at least 10-14 days of food and water in your home. This is not to make you go into fear, but it is again a pro-active step that is good for the spirit of your life.10. Continue to Reach and Learn. Old books and old information once served a great purpose. Like always, in the world of change, there is new information coming in all the time. Going to a class or to your teacher or spiritual director is a wise choice in these times of change. Socrates thought the unexamined life was not worth living. Perhaps that is why he roamed the streets of Athens accosting people and asking them their thoughts and beliefs on a whole range of subjects! And how many people in this day and age would agree with Socrates that discussing ideas is the mark of a civilized society? Continue the example he set!The Hope Interfaith Center is dedicated to helping all those who call or come through our doors! We wish to help you grow still, to help you listen to the voice of Source that is resonating in everyone and everywhere.It is time to develop a new moral code for ourselves and commit to living it! It has been difficult to use a yardstick when it has come to morals because morals have changed so much from century to century and even year to year. As we develop, our morals develop as well!Come and join us for a class at the Center or a church service at the YWCA or a private teaching. Your life is worth investing in!With Pure Heart,Hope
A Channeled Message Received by Hope…“Wake up! I have something to tell you!”On May 3 at 4:00 a.m., my guides came to me and stated these three things:“A remarkable event is happening.” (pause) “World-wide recognition of awakening is happening.” (pause) “Time to create Doctor of Divinity Program.” (BIG pause)“Oh, no!” I replied. “Why me?”“Because I know that you will do it!” came the answer.I then got out of bed, put on my walking clothes and shoes, and began to pound the pavement with an intensity that would not quit. And the message began:Practicing the living presence of the Cosmic Source — that sounds like a very grand thing — possible only for heroic saints like Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Theresa of Avila or Saint John of the Cross. But you must never forget that heroic saint, mystics, spiritual leaders and heroes began just like you. They ARE you, transfigured by love. They ARE you, transfigured by earnestness, sincerity and devotion to practice in the name and the grace of the Cosmic Creator Source. If you remember this, you will never lose heart, you will never be discouraged by whatever happens to you because you will know that great possibilities are out there for you!All the divine mystics and masters, all the divine traditions have told us that we are one with the Divine itself. We must never, ever forget this. The way to never, ever forget this is to develop from the very beginning of your entry in the path of Divinity a very simple, very humble, very steady, very consistent, very intelligent practice. This practice then makes one a “practitioner of Divinity,” one who has come to divinize themselves while walking on the earth plane. Sound impossible? Well, it is not!Those of you who will be drawn to this program have a contract in this lifetime to divinize yourselves — not in a way that promotes ego and grandiosity, but in a way of becoming a modern day mystic for others to model. The class of the Doctorate of Divinity at every stage will be useful and extraordinarily pregnant with every kind of help that all mystics have studied and used to create a radiant glow of the Cosmic Creator. Each stage of learning and development will reveal different depths, different intensities and different possibilities.When you fall in love with someone, your initial conversations are very, very different than the conversations you have when you marry that someone and that love has become a very, very deep mature, constant, consistent experience. Your spirituality is the same way — the practice at the beginning of your path will be very, very different from those who are now ready to take this mystery school of Divinity. In this mystery school, as you come to master your own divinity, it will become more and more evident — not only to you but to the others who see you as well.The great challenge to our society is to take these sublime truths and possibilities and really live them in the core of our ordinary lives. The studies in this mystery school will be about the teachings and lives of spiritual heroes — spiritual heroes of the past and currently of the now, so we can become in our own right a spiritual hero of the future. We were all meant to be our own hero and then become a spiritual hero for others; even if it is only shown in the way we walk our daily lives.So, if you really do accept this challenge, as crazy as it might sound, you will find what all those before you have found and accepted when they accepted this challenge. And that finding is that the Cosmic Spirit in its infinite mercy and in its infinite tender, nurturing care for each and every one of us will give us extraordinary inspiration and abilities. I think the most important instruction that a teacher/master ever gave to human beings was how to stay in constant connection with the Divine.Matthew 7: 7-12 “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asks it shall be received. And he that seeketh will find it. And to them that knocks, it shall be opened.”This Mystery School will meet 5 times a year for two years. We will be meeting from Friday afternoon until Sunday noon. The curriculum will be taken from a variety of places that will introduce you to new concepts and techniques. Some of the techniques will help you through the most volatile situations into a natural interchange of compassion, generosity and personal divinity.Learn about a radically different kind of honesty — one where ego/body based consciousness can be no more! Come learn how to be influential vs. controlling, how to truly empathically connect with others like the masters do, how to create restorative justice in action! You will become your sacred practice that transcends merely “getting what you want.” You, as a divinized being, will take into account the crucial significance of your community and those you love to unfold the life that you alone were meant to live.For those of you who are interested in the search for the sacred inside of yourself, this is the program for you! Through the Hope Interfaith Seminary you will receive a Doctorate of Divinity under the umbrella of the Universal Life Church organization.To receive more information on time, cost and personal commitment, please contact Rev. Penny Tower at the Center. The Doctorate of Divinity Class will begin in March of 2007.
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