Tuesday, July 25, 2006

checkin in

Wow it has been long time since I've written.
Encouraged to see the incredible increase in readership
here at the G.E...And as always astounded to
see the International power of the Internet
when I see who is poppin in! I don't believe
there isn't a country yet who has made it to my
blogroll someway or another.

Emergence is clearly underway even for those
who are not yet awakened to it. Some channels
say too many are not yet awakened and Emergence
is unraveling far too slowly. Some very high up
Spiritual leaders now speak of an imminent
"First contact" of sorts from other more enlightened beings
to assist us. Imagine the uproar this would cause
some of us as we purge and clear in our own
microscopic realities and then see the unfoldment
all around us in loved ones, careers, North Korea,
Middle East, Iraq, Pakistan and Washington. Ask
yourself how would you feel if E.T's appeared- would
you be fearful? I know my first reaction is that I would!
Hollywood has given us some horrific ideas of ETs aside
from Steven Spielbergs beloved and cuddly "ET" and
"K-PAX" the walk-in story with Kevin Spacey. I've
interviewed some conscious walk ins and let me tell you
these are the only 2 stories where Hollywood got it even
remotely close! On the good side- the shift will occur
much more swiftly with their assistance. In event it
does occur, I'll be writing more in depthly about it with
the assistance of my Walk-in associates from Lyara.
Don't worry I'm still sane. I chuckle myself just at the sound
of it. And keep in mind its to assist us not harm us
or "invade" us.

There are so many triggers that can cause fear but you
must stay light and jovial however you can. Find joy
in the simple things all around you and the beauty that
is this LIFE. Don't be consumed by watching the
powers of the world broker the Middle East or get caught
up in the duality and polarity of the War in Iraq. Just be.
And as things clear and mirror back to you in your life
let it go. Go easy on yourself. You'll jump over the chasm
all the faster. I find my children know the path even
more clearer than I do. So spending enormous amounts
of time just being with them. Workouts going well- is
good to feel all these muscles again!

The entire U.S is currently blanketed in stifling heat of upper
80s to yes 110 and 113 in California. The first 6 months of
2006 has been deemed the hottest ever on record. Yet
Bush Administration Environmental officials call Global
Warming a "hoax" Speak up to the the injustice of these
lies now. Do not allow yourself to be treated like 2 year olds.
I was surprised only 2,000 Americans have signed petition
to ratify Kyoto. Please awaken to this urgent need for
Mother Earth to be cleansed of years of Fossil Fuels and
sign the petition that you'll find here. I am hopeful but
outraged by our apathy as the rest of the world moves forward
to the new technologies that will save Mother Earth and
we sit idly by. Get in to action! Will post the latest
message from Hope Interfaith Center this week which
has a theme of "Be prepared" Hang on it could be a
bumpy ride........


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