Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blessings Beyond Measure Replay

With the Meditation approaching perhaps or just for no
reason in particular the energies seem particularly intense
right now. The kids are hyper sensitive, the communication
between couples are mumble jumbled (which always spells trouble!)
(shark music)
Deep Breaths, get outside, put it into an energy perspective!
It's all good. Even though it may not seem like that sometimes.

Funny, in reality it ALWAYS seems that way to me right now
due to the Blessings and Grace of Gratitude- no matter how big
the change or stressful the situation. Gratitude
will help guide you toward Light always. If you are
sensitive to the energies like my family is- it's hard I know-
especially since energetically it's like the storm clouds are
rolling in right now and it
has potential for the darkest of dark. But on the other side
of the storm it's a whollllle lot of sunshine. So focus on
that! I find this message from Yeshua comforts me
so I felt it was worth a replay. I hope it comforts you too.

The Fire the Grid meditation - Isis's birthday- is mere days away.
A Grand beginning. Not an End.- Jill

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