Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Darfur and China

Tell Your reprepresentatives and Leaders of CHINA the following from Savedarfur.org

The first genocide of the 21st century has been ravaging Darfur for more than four years, costing up to 400,000 lives and displacing millions of innocent civilians. While the U.S. and the international community have made some efforts end the slaughter, those albeit limited efforts have been obstructed at every turn by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. How has Sudan's dictator been able to continuously and successfully thwart UN Security Council resolutions, numerous cease-fire agreements, and growing international pressure? With a lot of help from friends in high places, most notably from China.

China is Sudan's largest trading partner, buying roughly 70% of Sudan's oil, and one of Sudan's largest suppliers of arms. China also has proven time and time again to be Sudan's protector on the UN Security Council, and a key part of their diplomatic heat shield reducing the effect of international diplomatic pressure. While China has recently shown some willingness to be helpful, including the appointment of a Special Envoy for Sudan, there is much more that China must do before they stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution to the crisis in Darfur.

I therefore write today to urge you to cosponsor House Resolution 422 introduced by Representative Barbara Lee or Senate Resolution 203 introduced by Senator Bob Menendez calling on China to do more to end the genocide in Darfur.

I hope you will join me in speaking up for those in Darfur who cannot speak for themselves.

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