Sunday, August 19, 2007

Emergence and finances

I've been trying to find a way to incorporate the financial news I've been reading in Businessweek and USA TODAY Money into the Great Emergence for some time now in an Energetic snapshot of where we've been, where we are and where we need to go.

Coming back from a spontaneous 100 mile or so drive to a Drive In Movie theater in the middle of nowhere so that our kids can experience the "thrill" of the Drive in- I came across a great interview on Coast to Coast AM with Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine is a very reputable financial adviser who has worked in the Bush Administration and has a website that ecompasses Financial changes and sovereignty in the New Reality like nothing I've seen thus far. A real experienced linear education coupled with a spiritual recognition for urgent need to educate and change an entire system of Old world money. Now that's what I call a bridge builder! Here's an excerpt:

The Solari Opportunity is to transform our world by withdrawing our deposits, purchases, investments, currency and attention from banks, media, companies, and other institutions who are not acting in our best interests, and to shift them to institutions led and financed by people who manage in alignment with our values in an effective, transparent and accountable manner. The Solari Opportunity is to to shift wealth and power back into balance with the interests of families and communities in a manner that promotes excellence and the creation of new wealth. We do this by taking responsibility for our economy, by forming Solari Circles and -- where there is significant local business and citizen support -- new ways of circulating resources in our neighborhoods and networks. As we engage our attention and our transactions in a more financially intimate manner, we support a rising Solari (Pospicle) Index worldwide.

I encourage you to Google her name, visit her website and sign up for the free newsletter and audio seminars to get educated. The more that we can educate ourselves the easier the transition can truly be!

When I get the Emergence to PODCAST capabilities she's in the top 2 of most desired guests. Along with the Save Darfur Coalition team. Catherine provides some TRUTH and EMPOWERMENT in navigating through the current mortgage crisis like nothing else out there. I hope you find it as invigorating and helpful as I did.

The current Tsunami of energies bring to mind this quote and I apologize
I forget the author "It's always Darkest before it goes completely Black!" Sounds terrible but try to have a sense of humor and keep in mind it's not just an End it's a process through to something so beautiful only the soul can comprehend. And the End of the Old ways is not only beneficial but necessary for the New Beginning. Peace B with U -Jill

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