Thursday, August 07, 2008


My latest video is a message relayed for this very purpose to my mentor and spiritual advisor Rev. Janice "Hope" Gorman at 2:30 in the morning from the higher realms on the most blessed date of 8-8-08. In ancient Egypt and the gospels of Mary 8 is the symbol of resurrection and on it's side it is the ancient symbol of infinity. It surely is going to bring the most amazing energy in from the higher realms within us all!

I had put off reading Echkart Tolle's "Power of Now" for whatever reason for years really-2 now since it was first recommended to me. NOW is of course the perfect time to have read it and is the Divine timing of discovery of amidst this most incredible energy of my midlife, kundalini awakening and awakening collective consciousness both within and externally around the globe. I find the NOW to be the most natural and joyous way of Being and cannot wait to finish Eckhart's follow up "A New Earth" which arrived in my mailbox today. I will be sharing some of my insights in the coming weeks and I hope you feel the essence of Now and LOVE from this day forward. Thanks as always for stopping by- I hope you will enjoy, share and comment on the video. All My Love- Jill

Video text:

Hear The Words "I LOVE YOU" on 888 and Beyond!

8-8-8 and all this month allows us all to travel through all Time and all Space. We now will be able to travel to the edge of our 3 dimensional reality and on this beautiful day and beyond we will be able to hear the words from our HIGHER SELF- (I LOVE YOU) These words will take us into the realm of seeing our true matrix of light. Be prepared to see yourself (your electrical matrix of ONENESS). Your majestic spere of love and light that you will now be able to relate to.

Welcome.........Welcome Home

On this day and beyond join the millions and millions of light beings who within an instant really will feel the love of who they are. During this day and beyond take the time to just be still and to feel the LOVE of who you are. Many will report that after this most important door-way opens they will feel that a tremendous amount of burden will be lifted. Many will report that their lives have changed just by having a momentary internal rapport with the truth of who they are.

You will feel the tingle and you will shudder from sheer joy as your Higher Self speaks the words to you "Welcome Home I love you".

In this state your Higher Self often speaks in tones, color, or voice. Just ride the waves of undulating energy in the forms of the infinity sign and enjoy. Enjoy the ride and be carried into sheer bliss-into an incredible ecstasy-beyond any real or imagined meditation or drug experience or out-of -the body experience. Be lifted beyond anything that has ever been.

All this from a simple "I LOVE YOU".

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! There is no more to do just BE LOVE


Yo - c said...

Hi, my name is Yosefin
I'm a medical student from medical faculty Jenderal Soedirman University Indonesia.
I just came home from The 6th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting held by International Federation of Medical Student Association in Taipei-Taiwan from 2nd-6th August 2008 and we were talking about global warming there.
After I go back to Indonesia I'm very interested to search global warming videos at youtube and I found ur video.
I LOVE IT very much!
Keep up ur good work! ^^


Thank you so much for your comments and feedback :) And from Indonesia even- fabulous :) Stop by again xxooo