Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Deeper Awakening

Hello again my fellow spiritual seekers :) Less and less we seek and more and more we sit and allow ourselves to just Be. This is much more enjoyable is it not? The waters are calm and the sun lights our faces. The energy of the 8-8-8 awakening is exhausting but all that I prayed it would be. I'm connecting with like minded spiritual individuals all over the globe and putting the Hopi Prophecy of "Gather yourselves" into form in unexpected and delightful ways!

My spiritual mentor has been telling me all year of this final piece to make an enormous shift and it feels as if this little book "The Power of Now" has given me the goosebumps A-HA awareness,knowing and believing of this final piece. Which sure was a heckuva lot easier than the lifetime of suffering, hardship and confusion to seemingly unanswered prayer lessons! One little book and whallla...awakened even deeper, so very much deeper it's been hard to write about it until tonight. Sure, I've done videos on ONEness and read about it in Scriptures and other books but this is different. I guess it's not just my mind or my heart now it's bigger than that, it's putting it all together with my physical body and putting it into practice as more the standard way of Being, not just an occassional A-HA meditation or prayer discussion. Or as another new spiritual friend referenced it CIA- Constant Integrated Awareness. Yup! That's it. It brings about such a Joy! Living in Presence brings about the sudden and complete ceasing of all needless suffering or complaining or just negativity of any kind! It's such an easier, truly more natural way of being. Less dysfunctional due to ceasing of needless mind chatter. Profoundly more spiritual.

All this from the real honest to goodness awakening of a deep knowing of all that IS, and that is that we are NOT separate from God in any way, shape or form? My question now is of course, what took me so long? And what is taking rest of world so long to be blind and not see how Ego rules? We see it and read it that we are One but why don't we live it? Why do we so easily let Ego lead the way when scripture in all monotheism faiths say it time and again?

I believe there are many paths to this Truth. IAM a Christian and so for me Jesus points me toward this Truth time and time again. We call it the Holy Spirit (John) 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. 12 I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these.

Well, we've only lived one way and have been truly taught one way: in separateness. A friend said it best if after I shared some of my new unfoldment. "Well, I just have to clarify what you mean when you say that I AM GOD as that can make me feel icky." Yup. That's it too! That is exactly the very thing that got me through to the other side!

While in meditation in a nature sabbatical up north I tried to sum that "ickyness" programming into one question because Ego could really do a number on us on this We are God thing and yet if we are humble people we get an icky feeling if we try to own the whole IAM. I know that there is ONE God and I, my Self ALONE am of course not it, it's the WHOLE of it that it makes sense, and for most part we all "get" that part. The cleaning lady who needs a job could be Jesus, the homeless man who needed a bath could be Jesus, you get my drift, but when it comes to owning within ourselves-and living this within the Self-Why do I get so stuck? I felt I needed to find a question toward this and that it was really the key as to what I was hung up on NOW. And frankly, I feel alot of good, spiritual people are!

I asked How does one give honor and GLORY to God All that is seen and unseen and yet still remember and connect in to their true essence that We are also all God-the mighty and powerful IAM?

And these are some of the answers that came through. I found them to be both beautiful and profound. And the energy of which they came to me- well, simply put it was Divine.

Simply by allowing God to LIVE THROUGH the self.

Living in the NOW in this awakened-but more natural state of being is in fact the apex of honor and glory you can give! When you live THIS way God works not against your current, not instead of your current, but in fact in concert, in harmony with you! ALL you dream and desire as an individual will then be in sync with Spirit and can then be achieved effortlessly.

You allow God to live through you- as you - at ALL times, not just in your churches, your mosques, temples and pulpits. Not just as you look into the eyes of your beloved companions, 2 legged and 4 legged, but even as you struggle, experience frustration, anxiety, doubt, fear, even as and especially then, when you feel despair, poverty, starvation, in all instances, God is living through you in your infinitely unique existence and essence and as you allow this to lead your life and essence of who you are inside and out- you will see this core of you emanate and transmute all resistance, indeed leading your life and your emotions and decisions. Transforming all resistance, all struggle, all pain. From war to peace. Lack to bounty. Sickness to health. Aging to timeless youth. Dark to Light. And all humans will discover this. One by one by one by one multiplied by a billion times two. The more the self is transformed to this state, the more you will transform both your inner and outer reality.

When we walk in the IAM as Jesus taught us Christians, it is not IN PLACE of or IN FRONT of God- it is allowing God to live through us in us and within us literally, Heaven- the kingdom is within, our body is a temple literally, literally, literally!

And finally, my most favorite response "Your purpose and the Life's purpose of ALL of humanity is to observe and create beauty in absolute and constant Presence.

And so it is.

I will continue on this for some time and feel it is exactly where Spirit is leading me to gently lead others in my writing and eventual Podcast Broadcast which I've slated to tackle this Fall. Didn't know why I felt I should wait. Now I know. NOW I have no more roadblocks or procrastinations- that's so old energy. NOW, I will have God as my Captain. A new synchronicity that is hard to put into words. God is truly the breath of us all! We are the co-creators, we couldn't create without Creator but our God cannot build On Earth as it is in Heaven without ME or YOU.

The great illusion of separateness takes the Holyness away from deep within and the I becomes an individual I not the collective One of I in IAM.

The more completely you dissipate the division and embrace God within, the more God's Love and Presence permeates your being---and life experience!

Peace be with you---

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Anonymous said...

Jill, your writing is right-on! Thank you for putting it our there.
Yesterday I was doing an exercise in a class I am taking on how to hear the Voice for Love within. The exercise was to write down a definition of "What is ego?" What came to me is that ego is the force of resistance. It is like a fetus, comfortable in the womb, not wanting to be born, resisting the natural process as it gets hung up on the discomfort, afraid of what it does not know is to come because of its focus on the pain. In my life, resistance to consistancy in manifesting all that the Holy Spirit gives to my true Self looms, like a dust storm. Like a deer in a headlight, I freeze at the looming fear/resistance. But I trust that the Love that we are will manifest, even as it is shaped by the resistance. It will push through and emerge, for consistency with our reality is our keenest deepest desire.
Thanks again for your beautiful writing!


Beautiful insights thank you for sharing, for getting it and for your compliments.