Thursday, January 29, 2009

Give yourself the gift of peace

Excerpt from message from Archangel Michael as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Open the gates of your being and feel truly and totally One with your light. For the humanness crouches in the corner of self, but the light rises to meet the day, dances with the night, and rises to meet conflict without a droplet of fear, doubt, or darkness within it.

As you move effortlessly into the coming year, there will be eclipses of the heart, total eclipses of dreams lost, and total eclipses of what appears to be your securities. All of this is but a fleeting energy, a passing of two ships in the night.

Using only the light of peace, and the light of Love you will illuminate that which cannot be seen and it will birth within you all that you have held dear.

Give yourself the gift of Peace. Give it in every thought. Give it in every word. For it is your duty as warriors of fight in such a way you don't raise your sword you don't raise your anger, and you don't raise your fists to anything. For each drop of anger that you have within adds to the turmoil and chaos of the world.

You must leap with love and with a knowing that nothing, NOTHING can destroy your peace, your unity, and your freedom.

You always have pure light at your disposal. I, Michael, come to tell you I stand with you; I stand for you. Everyone feels in their heart, they are right. Everyone feels in his or her heart that theirs is the ultimate truth. So we seek to bring peace and wisdom, and enlightenment to every person on earth. Expand your perspectives. Stand tall in your light,fearless.

I am Michael and I am your sword.

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