Thursday, February 12, 2009

Consciously take back control to stay afloat

I hope this finds you weathering well in the midst of the Greatest Emergence Humanity has ever undertaken!

Consciously take back control to stay afloat
by Jill Westerholm

Do you find yourself impatient for Hope and Change to transform Washington and the Country?

Do you feel a little let down that the circumstances around you keep repeating themselves like a broken record? Still, after all this time (in some cases lifetimes upon lifetimes)?

Well, most days, I'm right there with ya believe me! But, I have found a sense of inner calm and peace despite it all. For long ago I learned a thing or two about ACCEPTANCE. Faith without complete and total acceptance of all that is the Now is not Faith at all. Without acceptance it is merely a list of demands that you hope playout and the egoic faith that some how, some way, it will surely play out.

So, what trips me up on my path of complete acceptance through this Shift? Or as my guides recently asked in a reading in a strong Cockney accent "What snags ya?!"

Extraordinarily tight and ever changing budget, have to's, computer nonsense just to name a few. How about you? Can you name what it is that Schnags ya? Relatives? Politics? Race? Gender? Finances? These last few weeks that led to the ultimate breakthrough assured me that it is very vital to be conscious of and to stay in complete Acceptance, and therefore Joy as you walk through the Emergence. If you can get the hang of it, it appears (giggle) you will be virtually free of anything that previously might 'avd Schnag' ya!

Here it is in a nutshell free of charge. Pass it on.

No One and No Thing - therefore NOTHING- controls you- period! And all your thoughts, actions, directions, should be based on that wisdom when you are trying to stay in the higher frequencies.

Now, before it can be as helpful to you as it has been to me, you must identify what currently controls you. What schnag's ya? What sends you "off the deep end", what causes you to uncharacteristically snap at someone or to lose sleep and not be yourself?

In short, who or what causes you to get snagged up in the lower vibrations despite all your years of learning, knowing, and living Truth?

Is it your boss? A certain friend that keeps reappearing out of nowhere that you try to shed? Your bills? Time? Gender? Weight? Your Mother? Sister? Children? Your computer? Your boss? the Weather? Your car? Your schedule?

How do you let it or them dictate your thoughts? Your words? Your deeds? Do you do your duties that involve it or them voluntarily or merely because of their control over you?

The times we are in and where we are going require, DEMAND in fact, that we let go of the hold other people, places and or things have on us.

If you find yourself breathing heavy, or stomping around for this or that, stop and ask yourself, "Why would I let anyone person, place or thing dictate my actions negatively, determine my mood to be cloudy in an instant or direct how I feel or what I say or what my actions will now be especially when they tend to be angry, agitated, fearful, or just gray?

If we are not conscious of the force it or they can have on us we allow the control.

It can get even trickier when it involves a logical, linear situation in your reality such as:

1) You can't afford to lose your job right now and must do everything your boss tells you to do no matter how ridiculous!
Still important to recognize the control, and energetically you can turn it completely around by saying you are doing this because the job is important to you and because you want to, not because he's making you do so, and maybe it will even lead to: Why am I doing this? And you will stop or leave etc. whatever is what YOU wish it to be!

2) You don't feel well and neither does your spouse, they have school the next day and you both have to go to work as you cannot lose the money on your dwindling paycheck in addition to heat you might feel at work if you stay home to rest on your busiest day, Monday. Process of being conscious will still lead you to reasonable resolution that again, will keep you in higher energy rather than in a lower field of I have to go to work and I'm sick situation. May even lead to okay we're all staying home to rest type reality. Kids could go to school but are run down and keeping them home will make it easier on you to rest and get better and help your spouse rest too and the respite will allow you both to pick up more hours later in the week when you are productive, rested and feeling mentally and physically so much better which of course pleases your boss but even if it doesn't staying in conscious control you take it in acceptance and Light as it comes much easier this way.

In every instance we must "Keep our liferaft afloat and taut" and we must realize there are a thousand of these instances times two now in each day. The more we release and accept into each moment as being what it is while at the same time maintaining our grip on the higher vibrational energy- through our own concious control, the more swiftly we will pass through this to a complete and total transformation away from absolutely every negative aspect of our existence today that is a fact! But, and it's a big but, it is up to us to get there and get through reforming form through regaining the control over our reality in a microcosm of infinite ways eacy and every day.

Just this morning, a metaphor came to me that so succinctly summed it up. I was multi-tasking making chili while I changed a load of laundry and proceeded to burn half of the chili. It was the only chili we had and I was looking forward to it on this cold, windy afternoon. In an instant, I realized I had hot dogs,hot dog buns, and some chips so not being the most creative cook by any means, I giggled as this light hearted energy moved me to make chili dogs and dopple the rest that was spared onto the chips for chili cheese nachos. It was even better than the plain old chili! And while it is nothing new at all and has been written in so many different corny is what you make it, when life gives you the lemons make lemonade, etc. to release all that I've had to release in my own situation, to accept all that is before me to accept, especially on this day, made it all the more delightful.

I want that joy and delight for you too. I know, truly I know, how long and hard the road has been. But honestly, if you open yourself up to these moments, if you stay conscious in the Present and if you know in your heart truly that NO ONE THING, PERSON, or PLACE has control over you. You will see the moments jump out in abundance again and make people ask in their gloom "Why the heck is she smiling so much?! And we'll get to the glorious other side so much sooner.


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