Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Come on get happy!...

A new message from my mentor Reverend Janice Hope Gorman that you may find helpful!

How we are helping people make the transition

Dear Friends,

Creating a personal field of energy around you will help you make it through this change. And as you know, your participation with your thoughts, feelings and actions is either increasing your vibrations around your personal space, or it is lowering the vibrations around your personal space.

Everyone is now feeling the effects of change in his or her life. So keeping a consistent high level of vibration is the #1 aspect that is so important!

Many people who are in the third dimensional pain and suffering are experiencing a "zig-zag" or "up and down" field of energy. What this zig-zag field of energy does is that it puts you into the world of duality. Hot or cold, happy or sad, good or bad.

The more that you can fine-tune your thoughts and feelings the easier it will be to make it through these transitions and complete the change. Just observe or witness what is going on around you and separate your emotions and put your engine on neutral and slowly raise up your energy where the Master knows and lives! You then will find yourself in a very new space of the ascension ladder.

The Hope Interfaith Center does not teach a philosophy. It gives tools and information that can help you to perceive life from the Higher Mind. From the ONE heart and ONE mind of GOD. At last, no separation and an healing occurs, not just within US, but we shall see that reflected back to us in our lives! We can help assist you on your path during this ascension. Life is a series of choices that will allow us to align with the Light and a state of Peace like we have never experienced before. Intrinsic Locus of Control is our island of Peace and Hope and Prosperity!

Let me make a distinction: There is the Higher Mind (the one mind of ONENESS) and there is the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the highest aspect of consciousness that can walk around in the third and fourth dimensional reality. We can experience a walk of grace during these times of the great shift. It's a level of mastery that is very aligned. As people are waking up, the integration of the Higher Self with the Higher Mind of ONENESS is available to us all if we choose.

It is time to ascend and shift out of the third dimension of fear. A new dawning of a new way of life is available now!

We have so many things for you to plug into at the Hope Interfaith Center. Come and learn how to live in a higher dimension of Love and Light!

With Pure Heart,


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