Monday, April 13, 2009

The time is now

Well, it is just past the Easter holiday...and already it seems a renewal
is afoot. So much so that I can barely sleep!

I'm so filled with Gratitude that I can feel it so strongly within.

But, if a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it?

This renewal is somewhat like that with the swirling current of the ever present chaos that never seems to escape us. I say us in terms of my immediate family--my beloved and our 2 children. This time however it feels less isolated and I sense it is different because so many are feeling this chaos now too on out to other family members and even broader still to my community and beyond.

Webster's says the OPPOSITE of renewal is: destruction, exhaustion, and impoverishment! I marvel in reflection at how much we've faced the challenges of experiencing all of those not just now but throughout our 19 years together and certainly even our entire lifetimes.

Within our community over the past few weeks or maybe it is even months now the time
has blurred together...we have been battling a great fight against the mighty Red River. On March 28th the Red reached it's highest level ever in recorded history at 40.82 feet.

As we await the 2nd crest in the coming week... I can still say we are largely winning this battle against Mother Nature and the Mighty Red. This river is the source of our drinking water and winds and turns throughout our city, dividing us from Minnesota and our sister city, Moorhead, MN. The word community is thrown around alot but there's nothing like neighbors coming out and sandbagging 3.5 million sandbags together hand in hand, young and old, to put the true meaning of the word to a test. The hearts of the people here are as rich and deep as the soil of this water highway to Manitoba.

And yet, we are obviously exhausted and weary. Each day blending into the next in the weeks as we prepared for the first crest. Most of the belongings staying upstairs still now awaiting the second. Here in my own home our basements "sump pump" failed and so we awoke to water from all the snow melting outside seeping into our basement carpet and our bedroom floors. Fans are blowing, water has been bailed for hours, workers are coming, carpet is torn up. "Things" are seemingly being destroyed. Or more likely, rebuilt.

There is movement within and without and not just with the River.

There is a current swirling about. And not just down by the River.

In my faith we are in a period of celebration not just today but for at least 50 days following the remembrance of Easter. And so it is I celebrate this opportunity for regeneration and replenishment.

The symbolism of water, the current or even rising tide, is prevalent not just in my own home, my community,and certainly my country but the world abroad. My country is forging into a strong headwind of change and upheaval as all its false prophets like money and beauty, begin to show their cracks and wear and tear. Further and deeper still the Emergence shall forge into all pillars of society- Education, Medicine/Health, Law and course, Ethics.

The world is facing an ever growing climate crisis witnessed by the massive chunks falling off the Antartica shelf, as well as the largest moral crisis of our time with the genocide in Darfur expanding further into chaos even still as
billions upon billions upon even trillions of dollars are being poured into our financial grid-work to keep the status quo. Like the recycle symbol over and over it pours through the same companies, the same hands. Truth comes forth to unveil to us that indeed Governments no longer hold a candle to the power Corporations hold.

But in this upheavel we do have movement brothers and sisters! The veil is thinning for the Truth to reveal itself. And we do have opportunity to be renewed.

Spirit asks, If not now in our darkest times, then when?

Step into the restoration. Hand in Hand. In a global community of Oneness.
Humans with pure open hearts believing. Being the change we'd like to see in the world once and for all. Joining together with all the power that is available to
us seen and unseen!

Mother Nature. Saints. Angels. Holy Ones.

Let us create something grand. Let the current take us to serving others not self. Where humility reigns over vanity. Where Love rules over Power or Greed.

I've already put one step forward on this blessed occasion. Hammer and nails and
boards in hand. Quite literally. And I'm filled with great anticipation and wonder despite my weariness! Time and time again I've began this renewal and had to sit it out and wait ever still. I've started and stopped this regeneration for over 14 years stumbling upon mostly the antithesis of renewal in my journey. But that will not stop me now or ever. And besides, despite fact that I'm not getting any younger, this endurance just adds to the Grace and Glory of this most transformational return to renewal once again...Smiling... in spite of it all.

Join me won't you? Now. Let not your heart be troubled. And together, let us see what we can do.

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