Friday, April 24, 2009

Conscience finally coming forward

Dear Jill,

Yesterday, in his Holocaust Day of Remembrance remarks, President Obama reflected on the atrocities we have all witnessed. But he also made it clear that he has been inspired by our movement:

"We find cause for hope... in a movement to save Darfur that has 1,000 high school and college chapters in 25 countries, and brought 70,000 people to the Washington Mall—people of every age, faith, background and race united in common cause with their suffering brothers and sisters half a world away."

I couldn't agree more.

In the last three weeks, at rallies, discussions, and vigils in more than 450 communities across the country, the constituency of conscience has come forward both to honor the past and to call for action now in Darfur.

From Boise, Idaho to Sarasota, Florida to our nation's capital, we commemorated Genocide Prevention Month by raising our collective voices. Please click here and take a moment to view pictures and video from these amazing events.

Together, we declared that the international community must make its commitment to preventing genocide absolute—and that it must begin by bringing peace and security to all of Sudan.

President Obama heard us. And yesterday, he made clear that doing everything possible to end the atrocities in Darfur is "his commitment as President."

We need to stay on him. In the weeks and months to come, it is our advocacy that will transform his commitment into presidential engagement—and ultimately, an end to the suffering that has lasted six years and counting. We can end this genocide. And we will.

Early next week we will issue a call to President Obama to turn his words into concrete action. I hope you will join us.

Jill, thank you for all that you do.


Jerry Fowler,
President, Save Darfur Coalition

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