Friday, May 15, 2009


Glorious Spring is here in full force in the Red River Valley.

Maybe it came long ago where you live but we do things little later than most....
and within the last few weeks our world has very literally transformed.

I've come to relish this highlight of living here that comes eventually with great anticipation after enduring a long, cold, wet, grey winter with double digits below zero temperatures, bare trees, wind and snow storm after storm for about 7 months. That's right, for 7 months!

When the first 40 degree day comes there are smiles all around, many of us have our windows down and walk about without coats especially if we finally get to see the sun.

When the first 50 degree day pops up it feels like 80 and everyone's wearing
shorts. The moisture has brought us lush green lawns and the sun and warmer temperatures have brought us tulips bursting within days, trees budding with green and birds flying back home here and chirping with immense delight all day long! The only thing better is knowing what comes next!

"Spring Song" (Chippewa):

As my eyes search the prairie
I feel the summer in the spring.

This is of course not at all unlike that which is now birthing within us. It's been a long time coming. For the entire time we've been in human form we are bursting with potential inside to blossom into all that we are capable of.

What are we capable of? Do you remember?

It's entirely known to us but it becomes distant to our external world and is mostly gone once we reach school age at the time we must begin showing manners and follow societies "rules." We very quickly learn if we rebel and don't follow them our life is hard. And if we fall in line and join the masses that isn't living in Truth either.

We have our moments. Oh, yes, we have our moments. And they are the air that allows us to keep believing.

But we always fall very short of what we are capable of.

So over generations if not entire time on the planet....we've developed an ever
evolving core set of coping mechanisms to deal with living here. In energy circles or even positive thinking circles we call this "mental progamming"

Many of these programs are deeply embedded into quite simply forming our reality.

From generation to generation these programs have become the acceptable means of being and living.

The degree of this programming is greatly determined by environmental
variables that one is born into. The two most defining variables that most if not all civilized humans are impacted by are

#1-the interaction or lack thereof with currency or monetary systems. No matter where you live on the planet money is the accepted if not embraced false god rivaled only by Beauty and Power. These blueprints of fallacious truths even lead us to think that Money can BUY all these False gods in one shot. 3 for 1! But since I am speaking strictly in terms of variables that determine your degree of set environmental programming immediately at birth we'll stick with simply Money.

#2 Education. Whether one is formally educated interestingly obviously has the opposite effect and is a detriment while roaming free in the Bush or with one's clan
and learning from family and environment would be the most optimum set of variables to be born into in the context of our negative programming.

These systems tell us who are are, who we will always be, and what our "value" is in society. For some it's immediately starts off as "good" platform for life and all
the packaging THAT programming comes with..for others it's obviously "bad" platform to be overcome and rest are in between teetering back and forth desperately trying to reach that good platfrom when it isn't even a satisfactory way of Being at all.

Ask yourself who we are. Listen.

Ask yourself who you are. Listen.

Like the tree budding with it's leave over just a few days now you are being called
to live your Truth. And to remember all that you are capable of. You are being shown it in a myriad of ways that may not seem easy.

You can overcome.

The Spirit moves through you!

Do you not think Spirit can wipe your tears away and ALL of your problems too?

What do you feel when I say this?

Do you believe?

Upon asking a pure heart this recently ashe said "I say I do but my actions tell me that I do not"


Generation after generation we shrink ourselves to be less then we are capable of.

At such an early age the sensitives carry these heavy burdens of disappointment all the while their torches of Hope keep burning.

Nothing is insurmountable.

We shall have Peace. We shall live in Harmony. With clean air and water. With justice for even those who have nothing. Not one of us shall die of not having food or water or a hug. Not one. We shall live in Service to the Creator who gave us Breath and each other all Life on the planet not solely self and the False gods all around us.

Watch the sacred dance and unfoldment of Spring and know this is the transformation
YOU are capable of. That we are all capable of.

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