Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be gentle with yourself

Yes these energies are packin some fierce kick ya in the butt punches!

Unfortunately for some of us- especially sensitives- that can mean extreme fatique and headaches. My headaches have increased in frequency today...some of which is from time outside facing the sun while playing tennis with the kids and some is the energy settling in now that it's evening and I'm fightin it. And of course sensitives feel the waves before anyone else. I was feeling these headaches as far back as January.

A theme seems to be new patterns in our thought process emerging. The rewiring of our circuitry up there in our noodle causes "system overload." If it isn't the head and thought patterns it's the heart chakra area and can reveal itself physically as anxiety and/or fear. I have released all fear it seems thankfully and have the headache-fatigue value meal myself.

ZZZZZ......Sleep and more sleep. I am a busy mother so I don't have the luxury of just sleeping whenever I wish and I've never been a napper. But right now, I truly could lie my head down at various times during the day and sleep until I'm drooling!
Or go to bed early at 7 or 8 with no trouble at all. I'm fighting it tonight to get some work done while the house is quiet and that doesn't help-the headaches grow more persistent. So point is not to resist it within reason. I have many household projects that need attention and the fatigue can become agitation at my lack of energy! But don't resist. Rest and rest some more. Lighten your schedule, your errands, your plans, curl up to a good movie. If you live in region of country I do, the midwest, you know that when a big snow storm is rollin' in we all go stock up on food and good movies to hunker down for a few days...that's kinda what the energies are askin' us to do.

We will be road trippin a few hours from here for the 4th to get out of town for the first time since Fall for overnight stay. We don't plan to do much else but wade in the lazy river and jacuzzi and the drive itself will be therapuetic for this Gemini moonster! :)

Anything outside in nature would also be beneficial at this time just be mindful not to overdo it as I did with a 2 hour hike this past Saturday. Nature is where the Divine resides most fully and especially now the waves are riding through the wind with a mighty force it can be a bit daunting for us humans to handle. We can do it! It will just take a period of time to integrate into our systems. Be present with it. Stop and take deep breaths to recognize it. This alone will send chills down your back. As always with presence, stop your mind matter from rambling around in your humanness and just be still. Listen! All the guidance lies within you. All the patterns being illuminated to you is your guidance as well. Try not to judge just be grateful for the answers that are unfolding for you now. Be gentle with yourself even when you do not understand fully. Stay out of and away from intense negativity. Know that there are wild swings even with mere hours of a day from bad to good like a rolling thunder when it crackles then moves through. Try to remain neutral when it feels chaotic or unsettling as then it will soon pass.

Being present and just honoring the illumination is enough now but very likely if you listen, you will hear Spirit within you clearer then ever before!!

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