Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rolling thunder

Life can change on a dime.

Having lunch today about to work on projects around the house after first good rest in a while I was surprised to see I had missed 3 calls from my Mom so I checked the voicemail. She was clearly choking up and just said briefly "call me." When I did reach her she said my Dad had been taken by ambulance to hospital for heart attack.

A million things raced through my brain but I took advice I had just given out last night here and took deep breaths and remained neutral. I was so grateful he was near a great heart hospital. I was grateful my husband was home for lunch to do reiki for him (he has more healer in his DNA then I do) and I was grateful Dad was conscious. I went up to hospital and was delighted to see him awake and talking as they hooked him up to heart pump to keep his heart working. It had been greatly damaged to 1/3 working capacity yet here he was talking and smiling at me. I gave him reiki and he marveled at how hot my hands were. I had a long time to warm up I told him with a smile, happy that was now so open to energy healing even to point of enjoying it. I knew he hadn't been feeling 100% and discussed this with him that he didn't have alot of color in his face on Father's Day (Solstice). He said he'd been feeling chest pains that felt different- not like indigestion and not like his past heart trouble (he's had 2 bypass surgeries and has 6 stents in his heart). How long? I asked him. 10 days he said right away. Hmmm, I thought that's awfully close to the Solstice I bet when alot of these symptoms began surfacing as many energy workers are now discussing. My son and I clicked on the calender on my cell and counted back. To the 21st the Summer Solstice how about that we thought.

This is not to alarm you mind you. It's just to point out that the tips you may read about from Sophie's blog that I posted here this week and others or perhaps my own guidance is to be taken seriously. These energies are like a huge Tsunami to wake up many beings at this time. Fear cannot reside within that soil is too destructive. Ego cannot co-exist with these energies and trouble will bubble up far and wide to illuminate this to you. Deep breaths. Change of pattern. Do not resist. Listen to your body and give reverence to this energy of Spirit. Like a mighty wind here to cleanse us all.

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