Thursday, July 02, 2009


Blessings on this day....the celebration of our Freedom drawing near in the U.S. and our thoughts and intentions continue for the people of Iran. The media is on a predictable 24/7 Michael Jackson frenzy while the intensity continues for the people of Iran. We see you. We hear you. And we know you are already victorious for the movement you are creating!!! Benazir Bhutto started a similar shift in Pakistan. Neda's energy and the Peaceful nature of the Iranians has created a shift as well. I asked my Spiritual mentor/teacher Janice "Hope" Gorman of the Hope Interfaith Center to share insight on what has and is transpiring in a spiritual perspective. It matched perfectly with what my heart and my guidance has been as well.

Hope stands for "Help Open Planetary Eyes." She is an Ordained Reverend of Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Channeler, Medium, and Teacher. Since the young age of 11 when she had her first angel visit Hope has been evolving torward that which she does today. Every intuitive needs a mentor, a teacher and for the past 6 or so years Hope has been that for me. She lives approximately 6 hours from me. She and I have only met once in person but through correspondence and 2-4 readings annually her guidance continues to be the water in my well. Her center's website link is always in the Blog roll to the right. Here is what she received regarding the global energies at this time.

New World, summary of the global awakening in IRAN in honor of Neda (New Evidence of Divine Acceleration)

Currently humanity is at a wonderful and exciting crossroads. The cross will mark the spot of many people giving their lives up for change. Many souls have contracted to stand up for change and this is what NEDA did.

As each of us take our specific actions we indeed help the planet. There is a critical mass now awakening and striking a cord with a vibration which echoes out around the world...."We are a race going through transfiguration. A smashing of the outgrown and old is necessary for a new world to emerge."

Let us call the political unrest in Iran a beautiful Spiritual picture show where leaders are noticing the opinions of the people. The fate of our universe rests in the hands of the people like you and like me. When we decide as a group that national and global policies must be changed we create an enormous shift. And personal Spiritual Integrity must continue.

Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Honduras, and the United States are areas of the world that are in the deconstruction of old world order in order to give birth to a new consciousness! A global shift in world view and actions in inevitable. If any change is going to come it must come from the people! WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE!

Millions of people appear to be ready for actively reshape their governments. Souls gathered together to contribute to a cause to create a movement of hope for our collective future. NEDA, a woman seen all over the world as a beautiful soul who gave her life as a symbol of change! NEDA = New Evidence of Divine Actions!

-Janice "Hope" Gorman

Beautiful! Do you feel it? Do you see it? Do you believe? There is so much more we are capable of if we operate from a place of integrity, hope and belief rather then fear. We the people are connected as One like never before through Twitter, Facebook, World Wide Web, Neda's image was sent all over the world in an instant. This tool of democracy and light here to assist us. Love and compassion all around to assist us. A new world is certainly emerging if you awaken, listen, and choose to see it.

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