Saturday, July 04, 2009

Womens Media Center

Having spent over 20 years in radio broadcasting enduring sexism more prevalently then any other obstacle I can think of...I was genuinely touched to discover the Womens Media Center backed by none other then the divine Jane Fonda whom I adore along with many other brilliantly talented women. This type of advocacy has been direly needed for decades. I can easily tell you that sexism is why I never returned to radio. If you want to get it done your way...get it done yourself. Technology today is certainly allowing that to happen! And this center being out there doesn't hurt either.

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, to emerge to a new reality and break old patterns we absolutely must think out of the box and we must Believe it can be so!

If you are a women in media in any form or if you are just an activist for media reform please visit their web site which is now in the Emergence light Links on the right and sign up for their action alerts. Help their cause if you are able. I am truly delighted to know they are now out there fighting to change this very daunting paradigm that is vital not just to women professionals in media but even more importantly to the balance in content that all media is crying out for, for the many stories and causes out there that need a women's voice and perspective to truly be given the light and truth it is surely deserving of.

I am up late in my new writing routine and so I see it is now the 4th of July. I cannot think of a better Independence day post then this. I hope this center will emerge this year to give women the freedom to speak up, speak out and be seen and heard much more frequently. And I'll also meditate and give thanks to you Neda for being the face of Peace and courage. And all Iranians I will most certainly be in gratitude for my own freedom and put forth intent for you to have the freedom you so deserve. Namaste' Jill

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