Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dreamhealer Adam- Eclipse August 09

Okay whoooa did ya feel the elicpse tonight as I did? 5:55 PT (7:55 here) Felt like someone pulled the rug right out from under me and we fell on a magic carpet ride. Kids immediately mentioned feeling super overtired feeling. Yup.

Our group OMMMMMs continue for 2 minutes we are on our 5th day- missing one.

I mainly just wanted to remind you
that it is just one month away now from the Dreamhealer remote healing event (and the actual event which is
in Toronto) my beloved Barbra tipped me off to this young man and the energy from the last one I did
in late July was Wonnnnnderful! I'm now even more tuned in as I've been reading his books and understanding
his own modalities. If you or anyone you love is suffering from any disease or discomfort emotionally or
physically, I recommend heading to library to read up some before the event or grabbing a few of his
books - I found all of them on Amazon used for a great price. His first book was written when he was
just 19 I believe. He's helped me better understand reiki and any other healing practices, the importance of being creative, of intent, and that the Remembrance that all the healing has SCIENCE before it. His education is now going towards a molecular biology degree so he's very much like my husband. (and son actually) A healer with a hard science background/mind/mentality. Much deep love to you living in Love and Light!!! More details on Dreamhealer Adam below.

Adam has an interview coming up next week as well. Namaste!

On Twitter he counts down to the healing event down to the minute. Although I was out on my deck after visualizing him for sometime prior to it. On his website go FAQ and the "if I'm unable to attend can I connect
in remotely" question for remote directions to direct you intentions to your loved ones or self.

Adam interview on Jeff Rense show Aug 13 9pm to 10pm pst

Of those who attend a workshop 75% notice sensations from the treatments; 77% feel that their health has improved.

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Toronto ON September 05, 2009 (over 90% sold)
This is a one day workshop. The cost of the workshop does not include lunch.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 - 09:00 - Saturday, September 5, 2009 - 14:45

Toronto Marriott Airport
901 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5

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