Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good energy people

Good energy people
by Jill Westerholm

Good energy people seem a little more harder to find these days.

Which perhaps makes me appreciate their goodness all the more.

And which begs the question...Am I a good energy person?

What are these current energies doing to my external behavior?

Am I agitated or frustrated or anxious or short-tempered?

And then that leads me to...What is a good energy person?

Hmmmm, well...instantly more then a few people come to mind, both young and old.


Well for one they are always smiling alot.

They give hugs.

Great hugs.

They laugh alot and they make me laugh. Hard. Which helps me forget all my troubles not just in my mind in that moment but in my body as well. Everything we think- we feel. Good thought=good feeling. Bad thought=bad feeling.

Another constant with good energy people is that they frequently compliment you. Not a false comparing compliment mind you but sincere, happy "I love your earrings!", "I love you!", "You're a great Mom!" kinda thing.

This leads me to realize upon reflection that....I don't compliment others enough, at least in person, face to face. I could stand to laugh more or be around these lovely people that make me laugh! And most of all, I can never get enough hugs.

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