Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wanted: Radical creativity!

I recently attended a Festival with music and crafts and energy booths in the park with my daughter. It was a gorgeous Fall afternoon and the sun was shining in all it's glory. However, as it is with Fall in these parts the bees were buzzing all around. My daughter has come a long way of overcoming her fear of them as she had to sit patiently with others watching a live performance with her eyes bulging out as it moved closer to her, we chose to simply move around to a different spot a few times.

We expect to see many bees at this time of year but I don't ever recall seeing as many Spiders as I did that day and since. In addition to our Yellow Lab needing a cortisone shot from a reaction on her eye to a Spider bite last week...and lieing in the shade under a tree with my four legged baby and having a large Daddy-long-leg (am certain this is not official name of this particular arachanid) crawling up my thigh this afternoon I am finally certain Spider medicine is trying to tell me something.

I knew Spider meant creativity in Native medicine but not much more. I was glad I remembered at least that... many animals I do not recall. I always wish I had better memory to recall at the time I see them what they bring to me. But as I lie in the shade with my lab the day after the Festival, it was clear that Spider was trying to tell me something. I looked up and saw a huge Daddy long leg on my thigh and just days earlier saw not just one, two or three but dozens of spiders! So upon seeing this Spider again on my thigh, coupled with feeling stagnant and exhausted by the current energies...I decided it was time to do a little digging.

In "Spirit of Spider" Wolf Moon tell us---

Spider medicine comes from understanding... is known to be a force within areas of Creativity, Communication & Illusion!

Wow! Fantastic! Communication is my field for more then 20 years and thus far is where all my spiritual work lies! Illusions yes, another theme this week, this year, well this decade! What IS real anyway?

Wolfs Moon shares further---

Many Native American tribes have Creation stories that include Grandmother Spider as the Creator who spun the ~Web of Physical Life.~ It is upon the glistening strands of this Web that all life is interconnected, with each creature being (two-legged, four legged, winged or creepy-crawly), Standing Person (tree), Stone Person, and all other forms of life, a vital and integral strand in this most beautiful and sacred Web.

As an adult, it is important that Spider Soul indulge in creativity. If you are not currently aware or recognizing of the fact that you possess creative talent, it is crucial to discover the buried talent and give it wings with which to fly. In so doing, the Soul is in greater alignment to the Purpose and Beauty of the individual Life

Beautiful! Mere week later I did discover a buried talent at an impromptu dowsing workshop I attended. More on that in the coming days...

Another area in which Spider has been recognized as being a Creative Force, is in communication of all forms.

Yet for those Spider Souls operating from the higher vibration, the result is watching a master artisan at work. These are the sensitive and nurturing souls that create a beautiful expression and vision that entices Others to reach for the best within themselves. In this way, Spider and Two-legged merge in a mission of bringing beauty and enlightenment to the All

We see also that the webs we weave need not be sources of entanglement, but a network of roads to travel! Conscious creativity can indeed bring more joy and ease with which we work by connecting us more strongly to all our brothers & sisters on this journey.

Creativity is our greatest challenge in this transforming world we live in. Imagine how much creativity is needed to shift us from the Paradigm that we dwell in of Capitalism and greed to one with no war, no poverty and service not to self, but all!

From Jane Fonda's "My Life so Far" (recommended reading for women of all ages) "What we are seeing are the final paroxysms, the failing, dangerous death throes of the old, no longer workable, no longer justifiable patriarchal paradigm. I believe that just beneath the surface a great ...tectonic shift is occurring."

Yes indeed. A shift. An Emergence. An End. And New beginnings.

And how do we get there from here?

Spirit is showing us the old and the new at a crossroads.

In Medicine.





God sure has alot of faith in us!

All the pillars of our societies need to be reworked. I'm thinkin we absolutely will need some creativity to break on through the chasm to the other side! I mean think about it- how do you "build" something with no previous template of it's existence?! With no road map. No book or written instructions whatsover. No small feat for all that needs to be re-wired.

I'll tell you how you do it...Creativity! Radical creativity! So don't just sit there feeling heavy and sad about it all. We SHALL overcome but we can't sit by idly hoping the answer will fall from the sky.

Find your place in the shift of the Ages. Think out of the box. Gather with your like minded soul group. Trust that the resources & answers will come on the How of it. Sometimes all we need is the Why to give us the spark we need. And we all by now know the Why. We cannot sustain ourselves any longer in am imbalanced world of greed and immoral toxicity and we know Mother Earth is having trouble inhabiting us as well.

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